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  1. Thanks for your reply BankFodder. I had a long conversation with multiple people at citizens advice and it's basically an extremely long winded process, which I don't really have the time to do. The market value of the film is total to about £100. I paid for a service where I send film to a shop, they develop it, they send it back (package got damaged and all film lost on the way there). The service cost around £36 which has been refunded as the shop had no film to develop anyway. Annoying thing is I can't apply for a claim as it was a pre-posted package, the retailer/shop has to. Thing is what if they don't want to? I did ask them to on the phone but who knows.
  2. Hi there, I sent some film off (around £100 worth) via prepaid packaging through a letter box, but the shop received the packaging and it's been ripped up, all the film missing. (Note I've sent over 800 rolls of film this way and this is the first time this has happened) This film was some of my personal work (1 months documentary photography) and some for a bands press release worth £250 (I have proof of invoice via email + dates). So in total I've lost £100 + £250 = £350 in actual loss. You can't really quantify time spent using the film for personal documentary practice, or can you? Basically do I have a leg to stand on if I try and get compensation for all of this? I called into royal mail before, and they said the shop has to apply for compensation as it's prepaid packaging they pay for. What should I do? My friend says I should sue them for loss of work/time, price of film, and the job. Any advice is greatly appreciated, pretty devastated right now, I've lost so much work. Cheers C
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