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  1. Thanks dx100uk - it was your footnote I saw when I was searching for advice earlier- so glad you have replied Off memory (15 years ago) I asked for one and they said it was with the DCA which Im sure was Westcot and they sent me a copy - I do have it somewhere. I think the SAR was a much later thing to do with me being cheeky and asking for PPI back which I had taken out.
  2. Hello all, hope somebody can advise. On one of your site team footnotes it says to "...stop blindly paying a DCA-" well I have for nearly 15 years now after I defaulted on a Lombard Loan. About 10 years ago I sent RBS a SAR but they had no records of my loan although I did get a copy of the CCA agreement from Westcot. My original agreement through Citizens advice has meant i remain on paying back at £10 pcm with no interest added. I have not missed a payment in those 15 years but will probably be 6 feet under before it is repaid. In the last 15 years the debt has been sold and resold from Westcot to Arden, Robinson Way, 2 different Idem companies, Robinson Way (again!) and a few months ago to Hoist who offered to write off half of my £4000 balance and will accept £2k over 3 payments which I dont have although I was curious why they would do this- none of the others have?. So the question I have is - do I continue to pay £10/m and the debt dies with me? (i retire in 5 years) or negotiate with hoist to get a further discount? Or....do I stop "blindly paying " and if I do what are the consequences? thanks in advance
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