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  1. I just called the AA to arrange this diagnostics test, they said thats not what I need and gave me a number for an engineers report. I told the aa I was the diagnostic test and they said no, for 200 its very basic and not what I need... the engineer people are sending a form to me. I feel like im going round in circles with all this...
  2. please could you confirm that this the diagnostic test I need to get /vehicle-inspection/sales//assets/images/favicon.png Vehicle inspections for cars, vans and motor homes | AA WWW.THEAA.COM I think its the one when you are thinking of buying a car, I dont want to pay £200 and its the wrong one ;( money is getting tight on this car now
  3. I am sorry if I have come across that way. I do not find it all a nuisance and am really great full for everyone’s help. Thank you. I will get a diagnostic but I don’t know which one to get. sorry
  4. the garage that are doing the MOT on Friday have agreed to look at the car for me tomorrow to check corrosion, this is what im really concerned about. time wise is having the mot done Friday too far away ? I cant find any other diagnostic check other than the £50 Halfords one or the £200 AA one, what would you advise please? We think the mechanic who looked at the car Friday isn't confident (it seems to be how he is) so the mot is booked in with a garage that I know and trust to have the confidence to tell me truthfully what they find. I just spoke to the unconfident one and he said just stand strong and be firm, call and say you want you money back !! its not that easy though... we think we remember that the car dealer said hes man (mechanic) is hes dad.. will the failing gear box show up through a MOT? When you say write to the dealer and send them a gentle message simply saying that you are worried about the car and that you are having checks carried out and you will come back to them with the results. do you mean via post/Royal Mail or via an email please ? thank you so much
  5. the soonest I could get the MOT booked in for is Friday.. is that too far away do you think? the cost as you asked is £45 and they said they would check the corrosion as part of the MOT anyway.
  6. ok thank you for your reply. this morning I have read all the replies out my son (who was with me) and he has explained that the dealer di not make us aware of corrosion advisories on the previous mot. He said he checked this out after the garage had said about the corrosion. I know this is still our fault as should have checked. the diagnostics check via the AA - is this it? - Vehicle inspection - check a used car | AA WWW.THEAA.COM Mainsite Navigation Diagnostic Check | Halfords UK WWW.HALFORDS.COM Shop the latest Trouble-shoot warning light or dashboard signals with a car diagnostic check from Halfords. Find a garage near you and book a check-up online easily. at Halfords UK is almost £200 I think that the Halfords one os £50 have i got this right. ?
  7. The dealer is coming across in that way. The mechanic has said the noise of from the gear box and after checking it, said that it has had it and could go at any time. the dealer has disagreed with this. He doesn’t have the car back there yet. the mechanic not sure what the leak is but needs further investigation. mechanic said the car is so corroded underneath to all main parts that it really wouldn’t be cost effective for me to have all this work done, being that I have just bought the car for 5k to spend so much more money on it after having it one day (when he checked it Friday) so suggested I try to return the car for a refund. the car was Mot’d in February. I believe by the dealers man (that he uses. But I would need to check this out to be sure) i paid by bank transfer (had to do it in 3 separate payments for it to go through so done 2k 2k 1k ) we had traveled far to see another car that was no good. A member of family sent me this car, it was almost on my way back so went there to look at it after calling to see if it was still available. Asked to test drive. The dealer said we could but only the round the block as wasn’t insured for any further without him in it. Time was getting on. The car seemsd to run well. The dealer had good reviews. He answered our questions. Reassured us it a good car. Told him we had saved very hard for it and a 2 year old would be in it regularly so had to be safe. We went into hes office thing and he said we could look at mot online. He said it had passed with some advisories but it was all ok and a good car. We didn’t know he didn’t even have the log book till after we paid. It was getting close to hes closing time. We didn’t get any paper work really just the book about the car with service dates (fsh) it was low mileage and he emailed you check. That was it really. On hind site we should’ve have bought it without a longer test drive. A longer look at mot advisories. And should have had an aa check but didn’t know they existed till then. Dealer seemed nice. doesn’t seem quite as friendly now.
  8. On a fb consumer group I was told it was down to me to return the car to the dealer. Which seems really unfair. Are you definitely right that it’s down to the dealer to come snd collect it from me ?? I really hope that’s the case. If I don’t get it mot’d he could just say he’s man said it’s ok and make me keep it ? I really don’t want this car and want my money back. Wouldn’t having it mot’d give me a stronger case? I didn’t think I could name the dealer. Sorry I bought it from this dealer; Hounslow cars ltd. they advertise on auto trader and appear to have outstanding reviews. Hence buying from them
  9. dx100uk - is there a template I should use though ? dealer will call me tomorrow, should I email him to tell him im rejecting car due to faults and that a letter is in the post to him? Im seriously considering having car mot'd tomorrow if I can - I was told it would fail. more proof for me if needed... I have to work out how I can get the car back to him as well. he said use free AA that came with car, he didnt give me anything, no paper work, didnt even have log book ! so I have no details of this free 1 month aa he said about
  10. Thank you, it was a bit hard working out how to do it but I got there. thank you for your help
  11. Please help me ;( Bought a used car on Thursday night - Corsa VXR - low milage, 58 plate , paid 5k drove it home (almost 90 miles) used it the next morning - there were noises.. took it to my mechanic for a compression test - dealer had agreed to give me in writing that if it failed the compression test he would give me a full refund it passed the test (just needed a new plus - £40 which was fine) mechanic checked out noise and as I thought, it was coming from gear box. mechanic said gear box will go at any point, could literally seize up. said needs new one and only drive it if have too. checked the car over and told me that most major parts under the car have corrosion - he said to repair this car to a good standard would cost much more than he car would be worth, he suggested I return the car for a refund if I could. rang the dealer, he said he didnt think there was anything wrong with the gear box but to take it back (90 miles) he would get has man to check it out.. said the last mot advisory was corrosion under car - I didnt know this. I am a fool for not checking. some emails went back and forth. dealer said he will put right any thing mot fails on, I think he will get a new mot done ? I would prefer he didnt use his man.. I dont want this car, it also has some sort of bad leak.. I want my money back... 5k ! I saved every penny for this car and bought from a dealer as I thought I would be safe... I have my 2 year old travel with me and I wont put her in this car ever.. many say I should be covered under the 30 day rejection but some say if he dont want to refund he wont I have an invoice stating work needed from my mechanic can I get a refund... ? what are my chances realistically ? I am under a lot of stress at the moment and dont wish to fight a battle I cannot win I am without a car now ;( I believe I am supposed to send a rejection letter to the dealer asap and would do that tomorrow but cannot find a template one online - help please some one ? shall I email him tomorrow as well and say I want a refund and will be sending rejection letter or do I not communicate with him and just send the letter ? He says I have to return the car to him for his man to check it out ! when I was advised not to use it unless I have to as the gear box could seize ! dealer said to get it to him using the free 1 months AA that came with the car... I dont know if I should do that please some one help me..... ;(
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