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  1. Many, many thanks to all who have responded. I shall be doing some reading into the links sent. Quite a minefield!
  2. Good evening everyone. I seek some advice regarding the current situation with my parents. Any advice gratefully appreciated. One week ago today my Dad who is a couple of months away from reaching his 100th Birthday had a fall and ended up in Hospital. Prior to this he had already been diagnosed with onset dementia which you could see was slowly taking over. More days were full of confusion than those without. To date he is still in hospital and it looks very unlikely that he will be allowed to return home. Yes he is still in his own home with my Mum who is housebound. As far as he was concerned it was his responsibility to look after her and would not allow any assistance from carers. Wheels are now in motion to locate him a care home nearby as he requires 24hr care. We are going to have Mum move in with us and have a care package set up for her whilst we are at work. At the beginning of this year Mum set up a POA with me as her Attorney regarding her property and finances. Their Wills leave everything to me and my wife. They have a savings account in Joint names with the Nationwide Building Society and Mum has told me to get the money in that account transferred to my account as I will be taking over their bills, finances etc. Having a POA in place for Mum, with Dad now not being mentally aware of where he is let alone anything else am I able to approach the Building Society regarding transferring their account to my own account as Mum wishes or am I likely to encounter problems etc.? The POA has been recorded with the Office of the Public Guardian, and was drawn and kept by a Solicitor. Any advice most welcome. TIA.
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