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  1. Hi, me again, sorry to be a pain, but I just looked on my credit file & the TalkTalk debt is listed as satisfied?

    Also, it has the wrong date for account closure, which makes it stay on my file until Sept 2022? 

    1) Does the fact that it says satisfied mean the court case is invalid?


    2) Can I get it removed from my file as it is already statute barred?



    CRA report.pdf

  2. Update:


    I took the mediation call, explained I had not received the paperwork requested and that the sum requested is for supply of service after I moved out of the house. The mediator said I had not supplied any evidence of my medical issues, which I replied I hadn’t as the court hadn’t asked for it. She said if I supply the evidence then I could be dealt with in a different way.

    Then I added that actually I believe it is statute barred anyway. She summed up by saying as I haven’t got the papers & I’m not going to negotiate a payment for something I believe I shouldn’t have to pay, she will send it back into the court system. 

    so I await the next move.

  3. I have not received any info & they refused my request you advised me to send saying


    “However, as the parties have agreed that the small claims track is appropriate for the matter and the court may allocate the matter to a small claims track, your request under CPR 31.14 for disclosure is ill-founded. As CPR 3 1.14 is not applicable to small claims track”

  4. An update:

    I have just received an email for mediation, it states, (please see photos) that I have to be willing to compromise.

    I take that to mean that I have to openly believe that I will have to give in and pay something, when in reality it is statute barred?


    Should I mediate & say it’s statute barred, or decline the mediation I agreed to do stating it is statute barred

    Or, alternatively anything else I should be looking at/doing? 


    All thoughts gratefully received and thank you in advance.


    email frommediation service.pdf

  5. I emailed about not emailing me & confirmed I had sent the N180 and asked them to confirm they will only use post, this is their reply:


    We refer to the below email, the contents of which are duly noted.


    Please be aware, as there are ongoing legal proceedings, documents will still be served upon you by the court and ourselves via post. We are unable to correspond completely by email. 


    We are in receipt of the completed directions questionnaire and are awaiting further directions from the court.


    In the meantime, please can you provide us with the relevant medical evidence as detailed within your e-mail, within next 7 days.


    We trust this is of assistance.

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