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  1. Update: I took the mediation call, explained I had not received the paperwork requested and that the sum requested is for supply of service after I moved out of the house. The mediator said I had not supplied any evidence of my medical issues, which I replied I hadn’t as the court hadn’t asked for it. She said if I supply the evidence then I could be dealt with in a different way. Then I added that actually I believe it is statute barred anyway. She summed up by saying as I haven’t got the papers & I’m not going to negotiate a payment for something I believe I shouldn’t have to pay, she will send it back into the court system. so I await the next move.
  2. I know, but it seems too simple & I’m worried on the day my mind will go blank & I’ll forget everything & mess it up?
  3. mediation looming on 22nd, my mind keeps going blank & I can’t remember what I want to say, I’ve tried making notes to prepare, but it’s all scrambled in my head!
  4. I have not received any info & they refused my request you advised me to send saying “However, as the parties have agreed that the small claims track is appropriate for the matter and the court may allocate the matter to a small claims track, your request under CPR 31.14 for disclosure is ill-founded. As CPR 3 1.14 is not applicable to small claims track”
  5. Sorry, do you mean yes then to refuse mediation and say statute barred, or mediate and say statute barred and see where it takes me?
  6. No I wasn’t advised to send the SB info yet, but to wait for allocation and put in witness statement? I had already agreed to mediation, but I did not think that meant I had to give up my position totally? Do I refuse mediation saying SB, or continue with it and see what they have to say please?
  7. An update: I have just received an email for mediation, it states, (please see photos) that I have to be willing to compromise. I take that to mean that I have to openly believe that I will have to give in and pay something, when in reality it is statute barred? Should I mediate & say it’s statute barred, or decline the mediation I agreed to do stating it is statute barred? Or, alternatively anything else I should be looking at/doing? All thoughts gratefully received and thank you in advance. Untitled 17.pdf
  8. They said previously something like that, if I want them to take my disabilities into consideration I had to supply medical evidence within 7 days. Glad I don’t need to do anything yet. Thank you.
  9. I emailed about not emailing me & confirmed I had sent the N180 and asked them to confirm they will only use post, this is their reply: We refer to the below email, the contents of which are duly noted. Please be aware, as there are ongoing legal proceedings, documents will still be served upon you by the court and ourselves via post. We are unable to correspond completely by email. We are in receipt of the completed directions questionnaire and are awaiting further directions from the court. In the meantime, please can you provide us with the relevant medical evidence as detailed within your e-mail, within next 7 days. We trust this is of assistance.
  10. I’m about to move, so I didn’t want to give it, move and miss something. The email of 9th Oct they refute in the pdf is the CPR 31.14 request.
  11. Will do, I have managed to set up a short mail redirection to catch their letters, so I shall receive everything now
  12. That is good news, thank you. They make out they have not received back my agreement to mediate, yet I attached the email trail and the document to help me follow everything. So having replied to my email of 9 Oct, they have received my email of 8th containing the N180 agreeing to mediation.
  13. I was thinking more of the embedded stuff that is in a document, eg, the name of the author or Adobe account holder, not something on the document? I’m not savvy enough to know what shows?
  14. Update: service by email ignored, letter sent to previous address after being informed I do not receive them or others open them. It is a 2.5 page response to my defence, with no acknowledgment of my agreement to mediate, but basically about how their claim is legit & my options are 1) pay in full, 2) withdraw defence & pay by instalments or 3) mediation where instalments can be agreed! I can scan and attach here, but unsure if personal info will be imbedded in the scan? How can I tell, I’m not tech savvy?
  15. Thank you Andyorch, it has been allocated to small track and I have requested my local court, awaiting reply.
  16. So may I ask, should I be sending something about it being statute barred? I understand the 2013-14 billing period is 6 yrs gone, but the claim is for the rebilled 2014-16 overpayment refund, which is not 6 years?
  17. For the record, I am not expecting, nor did I request for advice via pm, I sent the pm as a "private" explanation and to thank you for your help thus far. I am not using mental health issues as an excuse, I just didn't wish to sound ungrateful or put a public explanation. I have left sided brain damage brain that affects many function, eg, concentration, anything maths related and memory, (sometimes I cannot even add 2 plus 2) which in addition to PTSD causes short circuits and my brain just doesn't work. The more stressed I become the worse it is. The more pain I am in the worse it is. The more emotional trauma I suffer, which watching my brother slowly dying of cancer as he refuses treatment blah blah blah waffle ramble, as I said not wishing to explain publicly, is all taking its toll and altogether, coupled with the brain fog and sheer exhaustion of long covid (which I can only liken to the examples I've read of chronic fatigue syndrome) makes normal life and "just getting on with it" an impossibility, I wish! Therefore, I tackle one task at a time. I am not fit enough to work and do my best dealing with what I can in fits and starts, and very quickly, stops for a lie down.. Thank you for the info re council tax I have been in contact and requested some extra time to resolve, I realise how serious that one is.
  18. Oh dear, I gave my email address for service of all court related papers and requested that they do not send any more mail to my previous address as there is no guarantee I will get them, or they will arrive late, missing important deadlines. I did not want to give my present address as I am moving soon and didn’t want to be in the same position again with missed mail. I thought at least I would receive everything if it were by email?
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