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  1. Thank you -shall I send both SLC & Erudio a SAR? What should I be looking out for in the info they hold? Yes including the Post-grad loan I actually have 7 in total!
  2. Hi there, I have been reading the forum on this subject but just wanted to run by my situation to check I'm doing the right thing.... I have 6 loans from SLC from 1995-2000 which were sold to Erudio and a later post grad loan from 2018 (which I can access on SLC portal but not the older ones). I have been deferring the loans each year with Erudio online until 2019/2020. Over the last year when trying to defer online I kept getting refused as I chose to present bank statements to show my earnings from work rather than payslips as I thought this was sufficient. Apparently they wrote to me to tell me this specifically but I don't remember reading this specific so I continued to send in another deferral and this was refused again. I then had to deal with a seriously ill family member and was somewhat distracted until I received a notice that I have defaulted on loans and that they are now terminated. I contacted Erudio by phone who said they would put my points into a complaint and refer it higher up but they couldn't reinstate the deferral as I had breached the contract as it was over a year since I had last deferred. They have sent me a copy of my last agreement from 2000 with no signatures, a letter that they are looking into the compaint and another letter saying by balance is now due in full and to pay immediately, agree payment plan or settle . I am pretty sure that I haven't received all the post they had said was sent regarding defaults (although got these ones!) What should be my next step? Should I send an old SLC deferral form to SLC & Erudio or is that negated now as I have been deferring with Erudio for last few years? wish I'd know about this forum earlier or I would have never engaged with these crooks Thank you so much for reading.
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