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  1. Tried numerous times. I’m just going to grudgingly accept it now as I have exhausted all avenues and want what they owe me.
  2. There was no doubting the ruined clothes - the Manager saw and agreed that at the time (both times). My point being a £30 voucher after the humiliation my husband suffered for a second time is insulting - I don’t want to go in there to risk it a 3rd time. On both occasions we went out to enjoy some downtime after a hard week at work. Both times my husband ended up covered in wine as they are incapable of putting wine on a table without dropping it. Both times I had to go off and find him shorts for him to get changed into in the pub toilets and try and clean himself up. I’ve tried adding photos but can’t for some reason. on both occasions we were sat outside and lots of people saw what happened. I personally think a £30 voucher is an insult for this happening a second time.
  3. Basically now blackmailing me to accept the £30 voucher or not get my £100 back so looks like I have no choice. I don’t have cctv but I have many emails including where they say they have reviewed cctv and admitted liability. I tried emailing the CEO but it just got bounced back to customer services. This is their latest response: Dear Zoe Thank you for taking the time to contact us. John Hutson has passed your email to the customer services team to respond, as we look after any correspondence that relate to our customers on his behalf. As previously stated, the pub team have agreed to fully compensate for the damage caused to your partner’s belongings by paying £100 as requested. This puts you back into the position you would have been but for the accident. The pub’s management have apologised for the accident and have additionally offered £30 Wetherspoon vouchers by way of a goodwill gesture, to compensate for any inconvenience caused as a result of the accident. We consider this offer to be entirely reasonable in the circumstances. Please confirm whether you accept £100 plus £30 Wetherspoon voucher in full and final settlement of the matter. If you do not, we regret that we are unable to assist you further. Kind regards Kind Regards, Arthur Customer Services
  4. I said same pub, not waiter. Brand new £65 trainers, £40 Nike Jumper, £25 Maine shorts. They agreed to reimburse £100 for trainers and jumper. I have sent them the receipts. First they said send receipts and they would reimburse, now it’s they will give it me back if I accept £30 voucher as final ‘settlement’. Nothing short of blackmail first incident also Maine shorts and a Nike polo top
  5. Hi. No two different waiters, two different occasions. Have photos, manager reviewed cctv admitted liability both times. Clothes in bin as she said just send receipts. Now they are stalling on the clothes refund unless I accept a £30 in full and final settlement.
  6. Will try to keep this short. Twice in two months in the same pub, a waiter has spilt wine all over my husband. First time we agreed to cost of replacement clothes and £30 voucher. This time they agreed to pay for the clothes when I gave them receipts - they are now stalling and asking me to post them the soiled clothes that I binned! I also refused £30 voucher as I never want to go there again. They admitted liability both times after checking CCTV but are now messing us around. I have (hopefully) just emailed the CEO if it’s the correct email. Both times I had to go buy him shorts before we could even leave the pub. .
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