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  1. I was trying to avoid using a 3rd party in case it effected my chances of getting a replacement. I think that this is the only option left now as I can not even find out who the retailer was.
  2. The device it’s self was about £1,250. The benefit provider was a company called Freedom tech. I logged into their portal and made the order on their site. The device turned up about a month later and my employer took the monthly deductions from my salary for the cost.
  3. It’s quite possible that the vice was once in a state of deep discharge at some point during its life. However on the night that it stopped working, it was left of charge overnight and mum had fallen asleep listening to the radio on in. The ipad with the accessories cost me a total of £1,500 taken from my salary by my employer over 2 years. Apple will provide an out of warranty replacement for £546.44. my biggest struggle seems to be finding out who the retailer is. I am being sent between the benefit provider and my employer, with neither taking any ownership.
  4. Thanks @Andyorch, I just tried that again but no joy. It will show the logo when plugging it into iTunes but then it gives a generic error message. Outside of that I can not get any response from the device. I think I will try a repair shop, Apple only seem to be capable of plugging it into iTunes. Maybe a 3rd party will have more diagnostic abilities or better software. I was just a little worried about my non existent warranty.
  5. I have a three-year-old iPad Pro that I purchased through a salary sacrifice scheme with work. The company that worked used to facilitate the transaction with a company called Freedomtech. for the first couple of years the iPad was hardly ever used. Last year I lost my father and I gave the iPad to my mum to use his company. She went to bed one night with the radio playing on the iPad and woke up in the morning to find the device was unresponsive. Apple are now quoting over £600 for a replacement out of warranty. Is the cost for a refurbished replacement is higher than it would be to get the replacement online I do not want to take up this offer. The company Freedomtech directed me back to my employer to make a claim however my employer has directed me back to Freedomtech as they say they were not the retailer. How can I start a claim under my consumer rights for a replacement of this faulty device. as Freedomtech offered the online catalogue from where I selected the iPad how can they claim they were not the retailer? is there anyone I can complain to about this? would the FCA not pick this up as it was a salary sacrifice payment for the device?
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