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  1. 1 hour ago, FTMDave said:


    To clarify things, why do you want to send a SWS?  What extra points do you want to make?

    nothing major, i just wanted to point out the criteria of keeper liability as mentioned in section 2 for aNPR here



    Explains, in layman's terms, the concept of Registered Keeper Liability in relation to the POFA 2012 and private Parking Charge Notices or PCNs.


  2. 2 minutes ago, Andyorch said:

    No they already have your initial statement.....you cant change that...a supplemental does what it states on the tin...it supplements the original.....not add or amends.

    But VCS claimed to have not received my original WS, so the judge requested that I send again. Sorry for being thick, but I’m confused as to what I need to send… let’s say I add a few things to my original WS. Do I just send the “new updated WS” and title it supplemental WS?

  3. Hi again all, my date in court is tomorrow, any ideas what types of questions the judge may ask? Also I’ve made a list of my main points, should I add/remove any? Thanks 

    1. no liability - POFA can’t apply, no proof I was driver. 

    2. no valid contract with land owners (expired)

    3. breach of GDPA - Mis-use of Kadoe/POFA to obtain my details

    4. Abuse of process - attempt double recovery

    5. stopping isn’t parking

  4. 1 hour ago, brassnecked said:

    Yes looks good for sure, with FTNDave's tweaks above. If you can make the font size for the quoted section 5.3 of the COP the same as the rest of the WS for consistency.

    Yea, was gonna sort out all the font etc at end, once got everything in place. Is there a specific font or font size that is recommended? Thanks


    Few more adjustments made, i Also didn't redact the letter on my last WS post , could someone please delete it?




    WS VCS 3 (5).pdf

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