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  1. Hi again, today I received a reply from the courts with regards to me changing the hearing date.. I’ve got 2 options.. 1 get written consent from VCS to have the date changed . or 2 lodge formal application to courts with form N244 along with court fee of £108 to be “considered” by district judge. so what’s the chances of VCS agreeing to change date? I ain’t paying £108 when judge may reject it and if was gonna pay £108, I would be as well just paying the fine
  2. Hi again all, I received VCS new SWS on the 11th June.. 3 days late... Ive uploaded it, please have a look through it and let me know what you think. Thanks SWS merge.pdf
  3. hi again all. quick question please, on my letter from court with my new date, it stated that VCS had until 8th June to respond. Does that mean until 8th June to send their response or 8th June for me to receive it? As of yet I’m yet to receive any response thanks
  4. yes, I put the dates I wasn’t available but it only asked for dates within next 6 months.
  5. Hi again all, quick update, VCS have signed for my WS. also received new court date for October, and VCS have until 8th June to submit a new WS in response to mine. How do I get my court date changed as I will be away when it’s scheduled for? thanks
  6. Yes. The judge recommended I send it within 7 days of hearing, I’m now on holiday, so had to send it Saturday , sent it “signed for” with royal mail
  7. nothing major, i just wanted to point out the criteria of keeper liability as mentioned in section 2 for aNPR here Keeper Liability and POFA 2012 explained PARKINGFINE-APPEALS.CO.UK Explains, in layman's terms, the concept of Registered Keeper Liability in relation to the POFA 2012 and private Parking Charge Notices or PCNs.
  8. Would I be better to just send the original WS to VCS and wait for their response before I submit a SWS?
  9. But VCS claimed to have not received my original WS, so the judge requested that I send again. Sorry for being thick, but I’m confused as to what I need to send… let’s say I add a few things to my original WS. Do I just send the “new updated WS” and title it supplemental WS?
  10. So I just send my WS to vcs again and add a note saying I’ve added a supplemental WS? Then send a copy of the supplemental WS to the courts?
  11. Am I allowed to amend my WS now it’s been adjourned ? If so do I just send new version to courts and VCS? The judge did ask me to send my WS to vcs again
  12. Can I amend my WS now that it’s been adjourned, if so will I just send the amended copies to the courts and VCS? thanks
  13. Been adjourned for a later date, their brief tried to get my WS dismissed, judge said no, he will adjourn to give time for them to reply to my WS should they wish
  14. Just been in with the judge, their brief has turned up but claiming to not have received my WS. Been adjourned for short period of time why they look over my WS and decided their next action . Will keep you posted
  15. Hi again all, my date in court is tomorrow, any ideas what types of questions the judge may ask? Also I’ve made a list of my main points, should I add/remove any? Thanks 1. no liability - POFA can’t apply, no proof I was driver. 2. no valid contract with land owners (expired) 3. breach of GDPA - Mis-use of Kadoe/POFA to obtain my details 4. Abuse of process - attempt double recovery 5. stopping isn’t parking
  16. Spoke to the local court, who advised the fees have been paid, looks like a day in court then… any advice/tips for when I go? thanks
  17. Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll contact my local court tomorrow and let you know what they say.
  18. Hi again all. Today is the day where VCS had to pay the court fees, by 4pm. Will I get any confirmation whether this has been paid or not? If I need to contact the court, do I contact my local court which it was transferred to or contact the county court business centre? Thanks
  19. Few more final amendments made, as advised Hopefully ive included everything as advised. WS VCS 6.pdf
  20. Few more final amendments made, as advised I'll need to get this submitted tomorrow as my deadline is 23/02 WS VCS 4 (2).pdf
  21. Yea, was gonna sort out all the font etc at end, once got everything in place. Is there a specific font or font size that is recommended? Thanks Few more adjustments made, i Also didn't redact the letter on my last WS post , could someone please delete it? WS VCS 3 (5).pdf
  22. Hi again all, I've made a few more adjustments as recommended. Really appreciate all your input.
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