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  1. Just an update. I took the car to the Peugeot specialist in Exeter and they did a full diagnostic and confirmed what we already knew. Long story short, Truscotts in Exeter agreed to do the repairs as a goodwill gesture saving me £1200. What a relief! I have not gone back to Southwest Microcampers as I don't need to. I also dont want to have to deal with that man ever again! Thanks for all your help and advice through a pretty dark and stressful time!
  2. Halfords have agreed to put it on diagnostics machine at the same time they do a health check.
  3. Can you just confirm what I actually need as a health check is £15 pounds but a full diagnostics check is £80. I am getting confused to what I need. I am assuming its a diagnostics check.
  4. Ok. I'm just aware that time is ticking. I will ask halfords to quote me for repair after they have done health check (diagnostics) and written report. I will also ask the garage that gave be original diagnostics to quote as they have only verbally done this. Thats 2 garages with quotes. I will call Peugeot tomorrow and see how much and when they can do a diagnostic. I will have to drive the car to Exeter though which is 15 miles away. The clock still says I have 400 miles to go before top up is required. I am on edge driving it though as I dont want to get stuck anywhere adding more cost to an already costly stressful situation.
  5. Dear Mr C Britton (South West Micro Campers), On the 11/6/2021 I purchased a Peugeot Partner Tepee HDi, Reg xxxx xxx from your dealership for £10995. On the 8th of September the Emissions warning on the radio display came on with a count down of 700 miles, also the UREA sign came on the dash board display with the engine light. The car was taken to xxxx MOT centre and a diagnostics test showed an emissions fault. At this point my dad arranged for the car to be fixed at the earliest opportunity which was the 24/9/2021. After my dad advised me of the timescales I made arrangements with Halfords on the 21/9/2021 and left the car with them. They called me to advise it was the adblue liquid and they had sorted it out and cleared the diagnostics. I then picked my car up and everything was fine, by the time I got home all the warning lights had returned. At this point I then called Halfords who advised me to take it to CR Engineers who are specialists in Peugeot vehicles. The result of which was pump failure with an estimated repair bill of £1500. At this point I then contacted you and told you what CR Engineers had said. Your response was the car was out of warranty and there was nothing you could do to help. You then offered us the cost of the labour at £480 as a final settlement figure which left an outstanding amount of £1020. This offer I rejected. I would like to settle this out of court if possible if we can mediate an agreement. If this isn’t forth coming I will have no alternative but to take legal action. As you know I am protected under the consumer rights act 2015 because the car is not fit for purpose. I am offering you the opportunity to put this right and repair the car at your cost. Please respond within 14 days of receiving this letter/email. Yours sincerely Katie Thorne
  6. Ok, first letter sent should be at the beginning if this thread. I can post again if easier.
  7. Ok Thank-you. I will wait to hear the outcome of health check. Shall I get written quote from a garage re the cost to repair the car? What shall I do next? Wait for then 14 days to end then apply to the court? He has stopped correspondence with me. I have all of what he has said by email and transcripts through WhatsApp. He has now deleted my number so its not showing on WhatsApp. However I recorded this with his picture before he did this and the number is showing. I'm just trying to preempt what's next as I am working and don't have much time.
  8. Previously you said he couldn't dictate where the car went. So I went back to him and asked for another garage. Peugeot .
  9. No haven't found out who he is and where he lives. I have looked but to no avail. I said no to vospers as it made me feel uneasy. I wasn't allowed to approach the garage because he said they might be in a position to contribute and I could jeopardise that. This garage has no connection to this. The car came from Wales before I bought it. I think he knew the garage. I only asked it went Peugeot and he shut down and said no. That he would not help anymore and to fix it myself.
  10. So he will only take it to vospers which we have declined and asked him to take it peugeot which he has declined. So we don't have anything from his side apart from arguments about the law and refusing to take it to garage we both agree on. Health check is Thursday. He has told us to go away and fix it ourselves after we asked for it to go Peugeot. We have a statement from a specialist that says the ad blue pump has failed. He verbally says it will £1500 to fix as the part alone is just under £1000. We had it checked by another garage who say the same thing.
  11. They are by email now but previously they were by WhatsApp. I kept asking him to use email. I have recorded all the WhatsApp transcripts though. I dont know what other information I can provide him. I have given him everything. Although I havnt told him about the health check on Thursday. Is this what you mean?
  12. I have asked if it can be booked in with a Peugeot dealership. He has refused saying he does not trust me and I could know someone at the Peugeot dealership. It just goes on and on. Although vospers specialise in Peugeot they are not Peugeot. He has not referred back to Vospers possibly paying towards repairs as reason to take it there. I think this was carrot to get me to agree to a garage he knows well. He has refused to book it in to the Peugeot in Exeter and has told me if I don't agree to Vospere by the end of business today he is not doing anything. He has also told me the original £480 he offered towards the repair has now been withdrawn. He is accusing me of being the untrustworthy person. This is because the car has done some mileage after the MOT. The reason it has done some mileage is that it was driven after the MOT as my parents were taking it on holiday to East devon. Then whilst they were driving it the lights came on and we returned it to the garage and that is when we had the diagnostic. The garage told us it was fine to drive but needed topping up with ad blue. The gage said it 700 miles to drive until it needed topping up. It was topped up at 450 miles. I did not use the car for work as why would I purposefully add more miles than necessary. It has also done some mileage as we have taken it to 3 different garages whilst Carl has refused to do anything. Additionally the fault was already there at the first diagnostic. What should I do next? Get my own health check and wait for the 14 days to be up then apply to the court? He has said we have provided little evidence. We went to a specialist- 1) We have given him copies of the original diagnostic later in the day after the MOT. 2) A statement from Halfords. 3) Report from CR engineers. 4) He has spoken to CR engineers and confirmed that in messages. Thanks
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