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  1. i do not understand all this consumer rights thing totally, hence asking for a little advice. before i do anything.
  2. it was a form he did on pc, basically saying they wash there hands of the car for thie said amount paid.. i dont mind tbh as im getting the car fixed, engine is being delivered on monday to the garage who is fitting it. i just wondered if what ive gone though is justified. a
  3. Yes, i know its still under 6 months, They gave me £850, made me sign for it so basically i dont know where i stand. i feel like i been stitched up
  4. Bought the car for my partner in April 2021. Driving home i heard a tappet like sound and i assumed it was just that , tappets , so nothing to worry about. after 3 months my parthner tells me the noise got worse, as i do not use the car due to having a van, i agree it has got worse and something must be wrong. i visit a few garages and just ask them to listen. and they advise needs furthur inspection and not to drive it. Called car dealer and returned with car as he wanted to inspect it at there garage. There mechanic said something about oil and to do a complete fluch of system and change oil and filder and add addidtive . i did all this and then noise persists. Dealer says it would be cheaper to get a new engine. but he will deal with it to get it done cheapo as possible. left the car for 2 weeks and nothing had been done, he struggling to find an engine under 2k. Basically in the end he has asked me to sort the issue out my self and refunded me £850 towards it. Now an engine fitted i have sourced. because of all the mssing about i agreed to fixing it myself but is it fair that i pay most of the money to get it fixed ? Engine £1720 Fitting £600 Total £2320
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