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  1. Good evening, I don’t normally comment on such matters but I enrolled onto this website because I think this entire thread is a joke and I’m surprised it’s gone on this far. I am currently looking for a car myself and to see a dealership offer you a full refund for a 2nd hand car you claim is not to the quality you expect (but your happy to keep regardless) is completely acceptable in my eyes. The fact you do not wish to take a full refund but push for funding from a dealership after payment is borderline criminal. It is a second hand car with reasonable high mileage, good interior and has some unwanted damage to the bonnet. (What did you expect???) You personally claim the car is not to the standard you expected but are UNWILLING to return it as your happy with its current condition but expect further funding for improvements/repair? Which is an inconvenience to you? If it’s an inconvenience take the refund??? im sorry I’m not sure what planet your on but reading through every detail on here you’ve labelled and scorned what appears to be on here a decent car dealership, better than many I’ve come across, they have acted completely fair and acceptable in my eyes, a dealership that has not only offered you a full refund but if you decide to keep the car which you have, the dealership have offered payments towards its repair with extras after the sale is completed. That’s a bloody good deal!!! But your perception is the car is good enough to keep but not good enough for you to repair yourself? you have an opportunity, a very fair opportunity to have the entire trade reversed and you don’t want to…. but you feel the dealership is responsible to improve its current state, one your currently happy to accept and try enforce improvements through some form of legal obligation. Julia71, you either want the car or you don’t. Stop flip flopping around pretending your the victim when GEM CARS LTD clearly are still keeping your best interests at heart, very clearly. I’m surprised this has been entertained for this long. Don’t be trying to bleed more money from a car dealership when you’ve had the opportunity to hand it back. Looks more like a scheme to get more money from a car dealership over you actually being unhappy with a trade. keep it or take a refund. You don’t buy a second hand bike and ask for money off the person you bought it from because the paint works chipped. welcome to planet earth!
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