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  1. Hello I went today to a garage . Was told current turbocharger is very weak and will need replacing very soon and thats the cause of warning light - injection fault . It will cost around 900 £ ( new turbo plus mechanic work ) . I emailed van seller before todays inspection but there was no response from him. thanks
  2. Hi I bought with 277000 on clock. Paid 3900£. Bought from "Ron White Trade Cars ltd" in Tingley.
  3. Hi On 4 june this year I purchased a renault master Van . Yesterday the warning light came up : injection fault. Can I contact seller about it and ask for payment for repair. Tomorrow I m going to garage find out what it is and how much will cost me to repair it. I paid by debit card I like the van ,I m just hoping its not anything expensive to repair. Can anybody advice me what shall I do Thanks.
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