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  1. inam still none of the wiser who Sean is nor had any contact from anyone in relation to this - as stated I cannot resolve something without knowing who is who, - there’s been a couple of customers awaiting refunds but none of the sum of £160 so that rules those ones out. Refunds are slightly delayed for some people due to finances, I’ve nothing to “hide” I’m honest enough - with covid and no work for over a year, and then my health impacting things it’s been a nightmare thankfully so many customers are very understanding. There’s the option if Sean wants to go the legal route that’s absolutely fine and within his rights it’ll be paid regardless however not much more I can do unless I hear from him. In relation to this matter, which is a shame as I would like to close this thread down on good terms rather than bad and be tarnished,
  2. Hi Dave thank you, I did get your message on my page …… least think it’s was you. Hopefully Sean replies back and can get this sorted asap for him
  3. Not sure how to use this site bt any means had a message from someone above ^^^^ I don’t know who you are Sean I cannot resolve something If I don’t know who your wife is ? please drop me a message as soon as possible so I can chase your refund that would be appreciate
  4. Hi Sean - not sure who your wife is, if you can drop me a message with details on my mobile number or page so I can look into this for you Don’t appreciate people posting about my children mt home address etc etc and insuinting I am a scam artist and fake and stolen pictures this is not fair by any means. if you can contact me so I can sort this as stated not sure who your wife is and this post needs deleting any bookings I’ve cancelled have been informed and refunded I’ve been diagnosed with Multiple schlerosis and my health has been effected preventing me working
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