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  1. Thanks man for the reply and sorting out my paragraph lol.
  2. I sold two ps5 on eBay posted them through Hermes two days apart both were stolen in transit. dropped them off at a local parcel shop, have dropped many more valuable things with him before so I doubt they took it out. hermes is trying to get me to fill an affidavit which says I agree to a compensation according to their terms and conditions which will be max 25 pounds .in another thread on this website I read this is not enforceable and it kind of makes sense too I think I shouldn't be punished for Hermes having a thief in their company. can anyone tell me what I should do now ? Is it worth filling a report to the police ? I know they won't do anything but for formality
  3. Hi i am in the exact same situation as you... sold two ps5 on ebay 2 days apart both were dropped off to hermes pickup spot and stolen in transit can you tell me how i should go about claiming the money back now
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