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  1. Thanks for the reply. It certainly explains things. I will do as you said. Thanks again Vinny
  2. Attached is an initial draft of my 14 day letter. Dont know if this is correct or if I have waffled. Any opinion appreciated Thank you! Copy of Untitled document.pdf
  3. I have made a start looking. I presume I am taking parcel2go to court as I purchased the posage through them? Im gathering that I need to send them a 14 day letter first. Now I guess I need to reimburse my ebay guy before I begin proceedings? As far as ebay are considered my item states Delivered. The fact it was delivered twice is irrelevant I guess? But then the fact I have been refunded my postage "as a gesture of goodwill" means Hermes know something is untoward?
  4. Unfortunately no. I do get free stamps at xmas I funnily enough sold two more items last night and both are going Royal Mail. Which I will take in today and they go straight into the network, I know for example with a tracked item, it has a proper chain of tracking and if an item goes missing posties get in bother and im covered. Lesson learned but I will proceed later as you have suggested. Have a great day
  5. Thank you. I will make a start tomorrow as I need to get to bed for work. Amusingly I work for Royal Mail As a postman I do use my own company and should have here I guess. Will be back tomorrow, thank you for all the replies so far, most helpful!! Thank you
  6. I hope what I have written makes sense? I cannot believe they (p2g) or is it Hermes have just gone bang here's £5. Yes I didnt take out insurance but I shouldnt have to, I have paid for delivery of a parcel and it appears it hasnt been. Well apparently it has TWICE. Crazy eh. The thing thats more annoying is my guy from ebay can click tracking from his end and see it says " enquiry closed " When it isnt, they have just decided to close it. Looking through some threads it seems a relatively easy process. I know its going to cost me money but its the principle here and they deserve it I presume I can just search for this claim letter and amend to suit? Anyone have any tips due to this off situation of it saying delievered (TWICE) then having a postage refund, which I dont want. Thank you
  7. Evening So i'm absolutely fuming and am a man of principles. I sent an item via parcel2go through Hermes (Yeah I know) last week. £5 odd delivery next day blah blah Now the ebay tracking is slightly different to the hermes tracking, and the ebay tracking has changed today. As you can see it was due to be delivered 16/9 but there was a delay Then it was 17/09 and it came up due for delivery then the tracking said nothing , then the tracking said the courier was picking up the item 16/9 but I had posted it into a secure locker and it was collected on the 14/9, then the friday 17/9 it said due for delivery, then we heard nothing. Suddenly on monday 20/09 at 12 noon it said delivered. Anyway he said no I havent got it. So I tried to contact hermes ( impossible) and eventually started claim through parcel2go. This was 20/09 Today 22/09 they have refunded me the £5.44 postage. I didnt ask for this, So i got home and messsaged the buyer as we had been chatting via ebay all weekend and he was asking whats happening with the parcel as the tracking made zero sense, then yesterday it updated and said secure delivery 17/09 delivered to household 1159PM!! Then delivered (again) 20/09 at 12 noon. So I have a parcel that was delayed twice Then magically delivered twice And now I've been refunded? Despite saying delivered, for a £47 where they are basically saying tough luck heres £5 ps sorry we dont really know what the hell has happened go away This is the parcel2go claim bit I havent received any photo/gps stuff from hermes, not sure if I should when I dispute delivery, but surely by them refunding me and closing the case they are saying yeah we messed up I know its not much but its a pair of headphones that I was paid £47 for via ebay, which now I dont have and it appears I will have to refund the buyer, I dont want a mark on my ebay, and he seems to have been understanding so far. Anyone have any thoughts The P2G claim below Unfortunately your enquiry has been rejected. Reason We’re very sorry to let you know that we were unable to approve your claim in this particular instance. Our records show that during the booking process, you opted against taking out parcel protection. Because of this, we unfortunately cannot compensate you for the value of the parcel's contents. We've agreed to refund you the cost of delivery for this order in the hope that it will be of some consolation in this unfortunate circumstance. Hermes Tracking BELOW FROM EBAY PS enquiry isnt resolved!!!! 22 Sep 2021 6:31pm Enquiry resolved 22 Sep 2021 4:39pm Enquiry resolved 22 Sep 2021 2:52pm Claims code issued 20 Sep 2021 12:00pm Delivered 17 Sep 2021 11:59pm Secure delivery - To household 17 Sep 2021 2:14pm Due to be delivered today 17 Sep 2021 7:59am On its way to the courier 16 Sep 2021 6:38pm Delay - please allow 24 hours 16 Sep 2021 9:56am Due to be delivered today 16 Sep 2021 8:42am On its way to the courier 15 Sep 2021 4:18pm At the customers local depot 15 Sep 2021 3:00pm Delay due to major event 15 Sep 2021 8:06am At the national sorting hub 15 Sep 2021 8:05am At the national sorting hub 14 Sep 2021 7:05pm Entered the Hermes network 14 Sep 2021 2:45pm Collected from the ParcelShop 14 Sep 2021 6:15am Dropped @ Parcel Locker 13 Sep 2021 3:12pm Order placed 13 Sep 2021 3:05pm Tracking number provided
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