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  1. Hi again after almost 3 weeks of back & forth time wasting with Parcel2Go claims I had a normal rejection reply (your claim has been rejected as you decided to send a prohibited item) so I will be sending them a letter before claim, post & email ie Postal address is Parcel2Go The cube Coe street Bolton BL3 6BU. email [email protected] claiming £55 of lost items from the damaged parcel they did manage to deliver with £10 of goods still in box. ps they have offered me my £8.52 cost of delivery + insurance back to me lol After originally excepting the extra insurance for my PROHIBITED item lol, will keep u informed.
  2. Yes the entire package had a £65 value they did deliver the package with one gear shaft left in the box which is worthless with out the other main parts ie part delivered maybe £10.
  3. Yes sent pics of damaged box & missing items & value, the extra insurance was raised from there £20 to £50 cover for £1.80.
  4. Hello BankFodder thanks for your reply, DHL just passed the buck on to P2G I am dealing with P2G at the moment so I am going to claim off (Sue)them, the goods they lost out of the badly damaged relabelled box they delivered were £65 + there £8.52 with the £50 insurance carrage cost, I have not heard back from them as yet claim sent 16/09/21 but no whats coming as they were small motorcycle gearbox parts, I am reading your Parcel stories with great interest & much information & have plenty off time on my hands at the moment, just fed up with these rip off companys.
  5. Hello, whats the best way two try & get compensation please P2G lost 2 items from a parcel £65 & £8.52 postal charge with insurance.
  6. Yep P2G are a joke when parcels are lost or damaged, I could do with some advise They lost 2 parts out of a damaged parcel £65 + £8.52 inc insurance postage, i sent with them (DHL) I paid extra compensation charge but they're making the normal excuses, not sure what i do now, small claims or letter of claim, thanks for any guidance.
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