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  1. I saw on the MCOL site that they had filed a defence on Thursday 25th November. The paperwork arrived today, and from the envelope, it was posted on Friday 26th November second class. I must complete the DQ by 13th December., The defence is attached. It looks like the standard defence that the parcel contained an excluded item and the maximum has already been paid. I will read up again to refresh my memory and complete the DQ. hermes_defence-compressed.pdf
  2. Hermes Parcelnet Ltd filed an acknowledgment of service on 03/11/2021 at 16:03:12. So they have 28 days to file a defence.
  3. It was an email from their online support/incident system from Ian Mellor (Hermes Claims Team, Manager). Thanks you for the update to the particulars of claim.
  4. Is this ok for the particulars of claim? I also sent the letter of claim by email yesterday and got this response today: I apologise if this is a stupid question, but does this mean I can proceed on MCOL immediately? I have read many of the Hermes stories on this site but do not remember seeing a case where Hermes rejected the letter of claim so quickly.
  5. Both the original letter of claim from 20th October and the one sent yesterday were delivered today at 10:07. Both signed for by the odd signature LV19.
  6. I sent the letter of claim via Royal Mail signed for, but it has not arrived. I just noticed I put "1 Capitol Blvd" and not "1 Capitol Close", but the post code is correct. Stupid mistake and I will resend it tomorow.
  7. £318 received, so I will send the letter of claim, and I will start on the particulars of claim and register on the moneyclaim website.
  8. I am also going through the process after my parcel vanished from a Hermes depot last month. Aside from that process which you should read about and follow, I was also concerned to read the following, which shows Hermes is aware there could be systemic plundering of high value parcels by their employees (-who replace the labels and have the parcels delivered to themselves). Shockingly, parcels disappeared over 9 months before Hermes did a proper investigation. Hermes workers avoid jail after stealing at least 340 parcels using fake labels - Wales Online WWW.WALESONLINE.CO.UK Emanuil Radu and Isac Radu, both 26, were caught after bosses realised an unusually high number of parcels were being delivered to the same address. I raised this early on with Hermes customer support and I asked for the internal CCTV footage to be checked as that is how the thieves above were caught, but Hermes eventually refused. Having read the stories of Hermes claiming the parcels were damaged and then destroyed with no trace or evidence, this seemed the perfect way for depot employees to cover up thefts. So I also informed Hermes that stories on the internet lead me to believe that the destruction without any evidence or trace was used by their employees to cover up their thefts; I stressed thay had no authority to destroy my property, which itself would be criminal damage; and suggested that if it happened then this was probably to cover up theft and they had a duty to thoroughly investigate. I used the Hertfordshire Constabulary (as it was the Hemel Hempstead depot) online crime reporting website to report the possible theft, and after initially being told this was a civil matter I should pursue with Hermes, they gave me a crime number and recorded it as "Theft of Mail". It probably hasn't and won't make any difference, but there may be a small chance that if the police see enough reports of theft then someone might pop along and ask how parcels are disappearing from a secure depot.
  9. Thank you. I provided my bank details, but stated the payment would not be full and final settlement. Five days ago, they responded saying they have processed the compensation refund and allow 7-10 days. When (or if) I receive the payment then is the following draft letter of claim ok?
  10. The Consumer Action Group website and posts are incredibly useful. There are some things that I found interesting and wanted to mention (apologies if they have already been covered): evidence of Hermes employees' "systemic plundering" of parcels; "Consumer Rights Act 2015" in the Hermes terms and condtions; recognition of a difference between lost and damaged for excluded items; and the fake insurance con. Evidence of Hermes employees' "systemic plundering" of parcels Hermes workers avoid jail after stealing at least 340 parcels using fake labels - Wales Online WWW.WALESONLINE.CO.UK Emanuil Radu and Isac Radu, both 26, were caught after bosses realised an unusually high number of parcels were being delivered to the same address. From a news story on 20th August 2021, possibly £300,000 of parcels were stolen in 9 months. The judge said: The employees identified high value parcels and switched delivery labels so they were delivered to their gang's addresses. This happened for at least 9 months before Hermes accidentally spotted it. The internal depot CCTV was used to catch the crime. In my complaint I have repeatedly pointed to this and asked that Hermes check the CCTV as there is a real risk employees use their computer systems to identify high value parcels and steal them. I got this responses eventually: Consumer Rights Act 2015 in the Hermes terms and condtions Hermes terms and condtions set out how they limit their liability in section 5, but 4.8. has: AIUI a blanket attempt to limit liability is not allowed by the CRA 2015, so they even recognise in their own terms and conditions that they are fully liable? Difference between lost and damaged for excluded items Like many others, when things started to look bad then I spotted all the exclusions and read about the various experiences here. However I got this in an email which states loss and damage would be treated differently: The fake insurance con This is obviously well recognised on this website, and hardly new. The "cover" being sold is not insurance but everyone buying it thinks it is. It is not covered by FCA misselling rules, but consumers assume that buying an insurance product is covered by financial services rules and think they can buy insurance from Hermes without being cheated or missold. Is there anything that can be done?
  11. I sent some items including a laptop via Hermes (my mistake) and Hermes cannot locate them. The value of the items is over £600, but that is the amount I declared (my mistake). I purchased the "insurance" and have been offered £300 plus the original payment for delivery. My next step is to accept the money, but state that their attempt to limit their liability is unfair and unenforceable and "Please understand that I am still considering my options in relation to the outstanding balance.". In the meantime I should work on a letter of claim. Background: Details as follows: I was sent the claim form link and completed the claim form on 20th September before the confirmation that the unidentified freight team had failed to find it (27th September). I received the following on Friday 8th October:
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