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  1. Property has "free" solar panels courtesy of A Shade Greener. There are two issues with them. Firstly there is a previously unknown issue of pigeon nesting. This has resulted in dead birds, nest debris, egg yolk and poo being dropped onto the patio which leaves a lot of mess and damage to cars directly under. Secondly, the installers did not advise that the panels would cause the electric meter to tick backwards and thus cause inaccurate readings which itself has caused the property owner to be in dispute with the electricity supplier as to what the actual readings are. I have written to A Shade Greener regarding this and they are absolving any responsibility for both issues. Regarding the pigeon nesting the person I received a response from (Melissa Lord) advised it is a local pest issue. They said that any pigeon guarding is the responsibility of the owner and not only that, any planned work must be sent to them for review before commencement. I've searched endlessly to see if any regulators would consider a complaint but this company doesn't fall into the remit of all of the ones I have tried including RECC. Retrospectively the owner of the property shouldn't have taken these panels out, it was about 6-7 years ago. Could someone kindly suggest a way to go about dealing with this problem? I see many moan about the same issue and company on Trustpilot but it seems to be fruitless and no one has actually had any recourse. Thanks
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