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  1. Well I have just had some good news this morning - Vauxhall have just called to say they are willing to pay for the full cost of repair! This turned out to be £4,493 (and not £3,134 as previously thought) Extremely happy with this result plus I get a brand new engine at the end of it Thanks for your help everyone
  2. I know the life expectancy of the timing belt - which was where the fault started - is 6 years and 64,000 miles. When the timing belt started to fray it lead to swarf particles in the oil, hence the reason for the new engine The timing belt should not have started to deteriorate before 6 years and 64,000 - this is according to Vauxhall themselves who have provided this in writing
  3. I am currently in a finance agreement with Vauxhall that's due to end Oct 2021 A month ago my car developed an engine fault and after sending it back to the original dealership for inspection, they have admitted there is a manufacturing defect leading to an entire engine replacement Vauxhall have offered a "goodwill gesture" of paying 80% of the repair cost leaving me to pay the remaining 20% The car is 4 years old (warranty expired last year) and has travelled 32k miles. According to Vauxhall themselves this type of fault shouldn't occur before at least 6 years or 64k miles My question is should I be paying anything at all, considering they have admitted its a manufacturing defect (in writing) or should I pay the 20%?
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