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  1. So an update Lantern has persisted with telephone contact and letter by post. Im wondering if i send them a prove it letter?
  2. Thank you m will sit and wait to see what there next move will be
  3. That is correct. I see my father every other day. So definitely
  4. Yes howevrr they have my father's address on record still and this is how I know? Yes however they still have my father's address and this is how I know?
  5. Yes almost Stature Barred. Which means? So basically I wait and see what happens? Yes i believe so and is this a new 1 upon you guys?
  6. No sorry i meant October 2015 just looking thou bank statement records
  7. Recently a pay day lender sold a debt of mine to Lantern. However the default is almost up in December this year. Meaning it will be unenforceable? Upon checking what Lantern has put on my credit report. Ive noticed that Lantern have shot themselves in the foot by putting the incorrect default date on the credit report. By almost 2 months. Now my question is should I tell them this or should i just ride out the storm? Also the pay day lender has closed the account they sold. Any help would be appreciated?
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