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  1. Thanks, I'm on it straight away.
  2. 1. Damage to bonnet of car, dents and scratches. 2. Damage to o/s/ front wing scratches. Caused by bombing off scaffold. 3. Damage to flat roof ceiling, caused by insufficient planks being put under scaffold pole and a pole is resting on roof with no base support. 4. Refusing to remove scaffolding even though quote states will be removed as soon as work is complete. Now saying scaffold will be removed after payment made in full. 5. Calling client a troubled person and threatening to remove tiles. In order to get paid quicker. 6. Asking neighbour if she will pay the bill ok. 7. Slating clients car calling it a bag of doodoo and cleaning it without permission causing more damage.
  3. £6000 cash to be paid 30 days after completion, including the scaffolding, remove all old tiles, even though a large pile left on drive which dropped off the back of skip when lifted. Tailor roofing
  4. No idea, said it's a contractors
  5. Yes figure was agreed in writing. Also they said would clear all tiles away but left a pile. And that the scaffolding would be moved as soon as possible. Only he won't remove scaffolding till bill is paid in full. Which was not on the quote.
  6. Had roof fully tiled while away on holiday. Tilers didn't use a chute but threw tiles into skip causing damage to a car parked on the drive. Boss said would knock money off for damage but they cleaned the car causing scratches all over the car and used window cleaner on it. I did not allow them to do this, is this criminal damage? They also caused damage to a flat roof when they put scaffolding on it which caused the plaster board inside to crack and warp. We had a cash agreement but he is now doing a invoice even though i paid him £1000 cash up front. And is threatening to remove the tiles he put up. They cut a baton short and patched the hole up. What are my legal rights please? TIA
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