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  1. If I could start proceeding somehow now , then I will . Alas no useful advice , just 'another argument for you ' the idiot. Your arguing with the Dvla and not me . You have upset me. Some of you are telling me things even I don't know yet. Vehicle mentioned is still stolen, and reported, Thousands of pounds demanded because a learner bought a vehicle. What , a idiot ? This is my last quote/post. I have no use for any of this cartoon help/advice site. Be nice .
  2. also, as i said to another somewhere ' It would have been cheaper to go to a scrapyard and probably safer ' than sod around with my motor .
  3. did you have a solicitor in mind ?. i will need to clean my ears out ? i referred to the dvla and to the council . so , any more ?
  4. hi, sorry , another reply woried me . i have said nothing of the sort . I purchased a vehicle, in the belief that dvla would forward relevant docs . it's all online gov.uk, dvla , no paper anywhere .
  5. just to clarify this ' garage, and road tax , i have no problem with paying for them . dispite using just about no fuel and no road milage . Not sorn , you read and understand what you will. i have explained this. it would be an offence for me to ssorn, attempt to sorn, another persons vehicle. Saying, i have said nothing of the sort . I purchased a vehicle, in the belief that dvla would forward relevant docs . this so that i could sorn or furthermore proceed to have service repairs prior to mot . i hope this helps .
  6. ok then. the other cars got there preferred space back. no info on the signs there are wiped .I have a disabled travel pass, guesse I stick to that. Humiliated, a few people know . Just noticed the riot van too this morning , taking photos of teachers car ? no contact with me other than a few council office leaflets. you cant ''plead '' even with the money in there face . cant even get me a ref number even if requested and law firms purged to assistif possible . So DVLA sCAM OR NOT ? Simple as I aint got one, got no money left , humiliated .Very poor customer service . Please try to understand what I have written .
  7. Thank's for you thoughts there . I only wonder how a theft of motor vehicle, my suspicion and thoughts, can be legally supported by blackmail . Specialist legal advice came back as pretty quiet . A cost no question . This struck as suspicious . ,, the G'p's fine , and , again , a garage is just more money for them . It's almost back to the old 0800 advice scam scene again .
  8. That's kind of self explanatory . Financially firstly , secondly law abiding and in business with the town council . I wonder how it is that you can do that to someone servicing and repairing vehicle for the Mot, with a garage at the end of the road and in conference with them , without even talking or contacting the owner or keeeper even. It , if still there, in my allocated parking area. I also have a garage net to it, so is my obode. I understand and have seen vehicles removed, as sat for years and asbo's removed from there loved machines . Even then seeing cars and other vehicles stolen too .
  9. Hello, I have just discovered my newly purchased car has been clamped. All info left point to, or suggests cartaxenforcement.co.uk. This is just a leaflet, inf32, and a clamp on my wheel. I am still waiting for relevant documents to arrive. I have requested old ones forwarded to me, also requested new from Dvla. Yet no show. Having even written to Dvla a few times only to be prompted to give info already given. Told simply to try our webchat service only to be prompted to try our phone lines and receive no answer, before my phone bill ran out . I have tried to tax and other things only to be requested some number or other that I don't have. I have said this in a previous letter to the Dvla that I am not concerned by the cost of tax, If I could pay it I would. I mean what's to understand, if I Sorn it they will tow the car away . The same time I am still waiting for the council to come up with a garage, so that I can complete a few pre Mot repairs, It wont pass a is. I have bought a lot of parts. Having spoken to nearest Mot station everything's ok ? Ironically the wheel clamped is the very same as the new tyre put on a day or so ago. 4 new tyres, only one fitted for some reason, brace wouldn't fit ? Big deal now, guessed if they wanted to buy it who's stopping them. I wonder also if someone else is trying to register , buy, it in there name. Having spoken to a law firm specialising in these matters only to get a 'we cant help you' I really dont know what to do . So here I am looking at £100 release form clamp and other fines, demanded immediately via card . I am a learner driver, just a learner, should I be treated this way, I feel the end is near . What should I do ?
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