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  1. Thanks. Yes, I've done that but it didn't appear to offer a way of sending messages. There was the issue of the real/paid-to gas readings, & being unable to see the smart meter due to its location. There's also an issue if I'm being looked after, it seems to prevent their reading smart meters when my power at home is turned off. I have since just found their email address & sent off the aforementioned section. If anyone else needs a copy it is... [email protected]
  2. I've just moved to Scottish Power (& am in Scotland). There doesn't seem to be an email address I can see to send details. I've tried calling, but as happens with so many things, I'm asleep before the call is answered (presuming it is answered). I've logged into their site, but there doesn't seem to be a message option. I know my gas reading from memory now, as I'd stopped using it until they got things sorted out. Here's the text of my email, as it saves further explanation. I've replied to one of their emails, but it's a "[email protected]" one, so don't see it being fruitful. They asked my initial meter readings, & I also included my account number & personal details for them to know who I am. "The best way to contact me is by email, as I'm in bed asleep most of the time. My gas reading is 6408, & has been paid to 6415, but the account had moved to British Gas after the two previous companies had problems, & British Gas aren't very good at sorting things quickly. I can't read my electricity meter as its right next to the ceiling, and I'm not great with ladders, but it's a smart meter if that solves things. If you need someone to read it, please let me know in advance & I can get someone to be here to get the door. Thanks"
  3. Thanks. I've my first proper doctor's appointment next week again, and my doctor's quite chatty. I'll ask him if there's a Scottish equivalent & mention the outcome here.
  4. I noticed it had "NHS UK" in the graphic, which confusingly is what NHS England use. Does the data sharing also apply to the Scottish NHS?
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