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  1. Thanks so much. I will send the letter to them to pay the £300 as a part payment. Will let you know their response.
  2. Okay, I will not send the letter of claim for now and will instead send a formal letter to reject the compensation. I have attached the draft letter of claim. Kindly help review Letter of Claim2.pdf
  3. Thanks for responding to my post. The phone was a brand new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 256GB, which was purchased from Samsung US for $900. It will cost me about £819 to purchase the same phone from Samsung UK. I presented the invoice to Hermes during the claim process. There were also 7 different food items which were brought from abroad. I posted all these items to a family member. The value of the food items is £84. I declared the value of the parcelas £900 at the point of postage and was now given the option of insurance. I also indicated that the parcel contained a phone and food items before I posted the parcel. I have rejected the offer via email and notified Hermes that if I don't get full compensation, I will go the small claims route. I have read a lot of similar posts and I have drafted a letter of claim using samples that I found on this forum. My main concern is if paying for insurance will affect my case negatively in any way.
  4. I posted a parcel on 14th August. I declared the content and the value of the items and was offered to pay for additional insurance. I decided to pay for the insurance and hence paid almost £20 as postage cost. After about a week, I realised my parcel was not delivered and then contacted hermes to inquire about my parcel. They did depot sweep for about 3 times and then came to the conclusion that the parcel was lost. I later submitted claim for the lost items. There was so much back and forth. Eventually, they came back to inform me today that I will be refunded only £300. I have rejected this offer and demanded for full compensation. I am now planning to send a letter of claim to Hermes. I have read some posts but realised most people did not pay for insurance. Do I stand a chance of getting full refund even with insurance?
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