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  1. Hi, thank you for the prompt response. I feared this may not be straightforward and believe the seller also recognises this. His more recent focus of efforts is to seek to solve the situation via the provision of a replacement / similar item and I value the relationship to work with the seller on this solution as opposed to taking action against them. I appreciate the SAR may serve little purpose, but had hoped the small claims route against UPS may be possible to prompt them into action. The item was definitely received by UPS in the UK and has been lost by them but it looks as though technically by shifting the claims route back via packlink they can avoid the role they have played in losing a 3k item. My steer from your response is that if I did initiate a uk small claim it would be deemed invalid and unsuccessful (?) but if you do have any further suggestions about anything I could do it would be greatly appreciated - In my view UPS have acted poorly and it doesn’t feel right there is no recourse back to them other than via the seller, italian route as per your note so even if there was a slight chance may consider progressing. thank you again.
  2. Hi, I wonder if you could help me with an exasperating situation with UPS. I have purchased several items of glass from a collector in Italy either via their website or ebay. I am the receiver and not the shipper. An item worth 3k was due to be delivered by UPS on 6 January. “Due to BREXIT” there was a query on the duty which took 2 months to resolve. When it came to paying the correct duty and arranging a delivery I was advised by UPS that the parcel had been lost after arrival in the UK. The item was insured and the value declared. After several weeks following up with UPS, local depot etc to try and find the item I requested an investigation and in April informed that the vase could not be located. I initiated the claims process and was advised by UPS that as I was the receiver and not the shipper any claim would be sent to the shipper of the parcel. I have been in correspondence with UPS over the last 3 months to ascertain the status of the claim. Eventually, I have been advised by UPS that the item was shipped via Packlink Italy and that the claim has been issued to Packlink (not the shipper) at the end of April. The shipper and I have a good relationship and have both being following up over the last few months to try and progress / see the status of the claim but have no response. He has received no compensation for the item and UPS and Packlink are not responding to him. UPS’ final position is that it is a matter between me and the seller and the seller to follow-up with Packlink Italy. My question is whether this is something that I can pursue with UPS e.g. via small claims as Packlink have no incentive to resolve. As you can imagine the service, responsiveness and willingness of UPS to take ownership have been extremely poor for a package they have ultimately lost. I have been very patient and been prepared to wait as the item was a one off but now facing the reality that it will not turn up so wish the claim to be satisfied. As a first step I was considering submitting an SAR to UPS, although wonder if this would help, and then a small claims request but would appreciate any thoughts. thank you
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