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  1. I have de activated my account with them. Had enough
  2. Tcb have done it twice this year. 1 I had an idea it would should have been 70p. that one doesn’t bother me that much. It’s the £34 that gets on my nerves. I will ask confused.com because I don’t know.
  3. Basically it’s absolute dire customer service on behalf of tcb and confused.com
  4. Tcb haven’t told me. It was confused.com that told me. Tcb is waiting as that’s what they do best. I have been through their customer service department a while ago that’s why they said I did something wrong but don’t know what.
  5. I wasn’t even offered any rewards. But they are saying that’s why my tcb is declined. I have started a new complaint with resolver to see if that will help
  6. They are telling me I had some reward. I never did. They are trying to con me.
  7. I have just looked and it has progressed to declined.
  8. The insurance started June 16 there have been no problems with payments. Tcb are saying I did something wrong but they don’t know what. And reckon they will tell me when they hear back from confused.com
  9. It was a new quote. I went through tcb clicked through to confused did a quote then purchased the insurance.
  10. Hi. I took home and contents insurance. I got a valid quote with confused.com which offered £34 cash back. I did exactly what tcb said to do. It is showing the transaction on my tcb account but it’s stayed at zero. They have done it three years straight now and it is really annoying me.
  11. I completed a purchase in may this year through topcashback. It’s the third year in a row they have done the same thing. topcashback are trying to blame me however they can’t give me anymore information on what I have done wrong. I believe they probably have had the cash back I am owed but are keeping it for themselves.
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