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  1. Thanks Dx yes return of goods, i have had the car for a year. Zero response from Money barn, Engage the vehicle collection company is responding to me and money barn is responding to them but not to my emails. How do i apply for a Time order please. thx
  2. Hi everyone Im looking for some advice, i failed on repayments due to hours being reduced and income reduction, i have asked money barn for a payment holiday at the beginning which was refused, i then asked for some help as i need the car but could no longer afford the monthly payments, so asked for a new agreement, they asked me to fill out a budgeting form which i am unable to edit and send or print off as its on an odd file, i have emailed them numerous times since and i am not getting any response, im also unable to get through via phone as they are always busy, i then received an termination letter, i have since again tried to contact them, filling out the complaints email to just receive an auto response to say it will take 10 days to be looked at. I then received a letter from Engage a collection company asking me to contact them which i did, they informed me Moneybarn have no complaint from me so would go ahead to collect, 2 days later 2 guys turn up with cameras and asked to take the vehicle to which i said they could not, they took pictures of my car and left. I have since spoke to Engage asking what will happen next, They advised they would inform Moneybarn that i would not return goods and moneybarn would apply for a lifting order. How am i able to stop this if l'm unable to get hold of Moneybarn. Advice greatly needed thanks
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