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  1. 1.they are not on CAG and are not a work colleague 2. the police officer from Northumbria police force 3. I have no idea
  2. Owner of FTR is being actively investigated by Northumberland police and someone who has been scammed has been advised not to pay anything to Hmrc as there is an active investigation and we have the police officers name and number
  3. Yes I received £5600 and HMRC want £19000
  4. please can you send me the questions to answer?
  5. I have been victim to this scam too. I received £5,600 and Hmrc are asking for £19000 from me
  6. I have been victim to this scam too as have around 10 others in my workplace.I received £5,600 and HMRC are wanting £19,000 from me
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