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  1. I've already stated he rents on here and isn't his house. The contacts I could but all I really need to know is what is the possibility of getting cash back off him if he liquidized/bankrupts himself which he's likely do. ps: I did mention others
  2. We could do county court fees etc but not afford any losses and leave us with the dangerous garden. I could ask the other people to help a court case but if he's broke where would we stand
  3. Only problem is we are flat broke and have a very unsafe garden which is a constant worry about our dog and need it rectified asap court waiting times would be lengthy I imagine, he's carried out about 3k work here according to the builder that visited. Yes we've been in contact but can't wait for any more delay
  4. I did read it I can tell he's a rip off merchant that takes money, starts peoples jobs takes payments and doesn't return (repeat) he's no big company like the thread I've read, changes addresses and lies to people. To do that surely he must have cash to live. Even if he's "broke" would there be any chance of any kind of repayment?
  5. This is the quote I recieved yesterday from the new builder I'm not sure if he'd be ok having his name out there but I could ask him
  6. It has my name & address all over it not feeling that good about putting that out here. I could word document for you tomorrow if fine please
  7. Hi just an update we got the quote back today for 13k ..Apparently about 3k work carried out. We have an email of broken down quote.
  8. Hi BF We have someone visiting tomorrow so should be able to give you an update on costs. I also had to change my password earlier saying someone in Cwbran was trying to log into my account
  9. Hi Honeybee I just checked and couldn't find another address can you let me know what you saw please?
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