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  1. Just to clarify the situation. Find someone who's prepared to carry out a independent inspection of my concrete drive and a time frame (proving difficult at this point in time) Contact said builder via letter of my intentions. I'm guessing that on contacting said builder (who only lives around the corner from me) he may pay me a visit and ask me why I'm taking this action, he could give me various reasons why he has not attempted to rectify the problems with my drive i.e. work load, etc. Said builder may even offer (yet again) to rectify the drive, but when and to what standard, I do not know? To be honest, I would not be happy for him to just come out and throw a few drops of cement in to all the holes, as I mentioned before, there are numerous other problems with the drive? Thanks.
  2. Quote For Parking Area (as per builder) Excavate the area to be concreted and dig hole to allow a to allow a preformed soak-away to be fitted. Cover excavated area with 50mm of mot. Concrete parking area with 100mm concrete slap with drainage into soak-away. Total cost £1,140. We paid him £1,200 due to doing another small strip of concrete. Indeed, he would have been out by now if he was all that concerned?
  3. Hi, newbie here. I have searched the builders section but can't really find any relevant problems to mine? I had a new concrete drive installed at my bungalow on May 24, 2021 by a local builder (T M Cronin) but now have a few issues regarding the top surface? I've contacted said builder, telling him if it was possible to smooth down the surface as it was quite lumpy and rippled, told me he would let me know but never heard back from him? I'm thinking, builders are always busy so I'll just wait? On July 29, 2021, I noticed a few dark round patches which I thought was dirt but on having a closer look, it was soil, imbedded in the surface which when attempting to clean has now resulted in a few holes in the surface? Contacted the builder again, he came out and confirmed this problem happened when the surface was being levelled and that the board had picked up some debris? Once again, he told me he will come back and take care of things but not heard from him since? The builder is quite a pleasant chap, recommended by various neighbours? Should I just keep on contacting him, hoping that one day he will return to sort out my drive, I don't really want things to get nasty? Thanks, Albert.
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