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  1. Bloody hell, that's so clever!!! Definitely won't be getting a call from me then!! @Ashford 1 I started the thread, why would I be one of them??!!
  2. @Andy111 Mine said something along the lines of they are trying to find out some information about someone I may know. I'm pretty sure they're heir hunters. When I found the list of estates on the gov.com website, my maiden names was there...
  3. Yes, that sounds exactly what it is. I had never heard of this before but basically you can download from gov.com, a list of Unclaimed Estates. Then these hunters attempt to find the closest relative to that inheritance and then they take a % of the inheritance for piecing it all together. I downloaded the list and lo and behold, my maiden name appears on there! Case closed then!!
  4. But what do they want? Do you think they are debt collectors?
  5. I have seen a few posts on this site from a few people that have received letters from a company called Connex over the last few days. I too have received one. It’s been addressed to me but with part of my maiden name that I haven’t used in approximately 13 years. It’s asking me to contact them as they’re trying to get some information about someone, or so it says. It screams Debt Collectors but usually you can find information on the internet about them. I can’t really find anything on Connex. Anyone have any ideas or know of them?
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