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  1. Hey, I have worked all the way through it. Iv had 3 major operations and have obv been off recovering from them but it's one off those things where it's incurable so I just carry on. Hard some days though, especially doing a 9+ hours a day......
  2. Thanks for reply, I don't/can't say to much due to the fact that there is eyes + ears everywhere! But I have a long term chronic illness, Crohnsccolitis, have had it for near 20 odd years.
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone can advise here..... I have been with my employee under 2 years, it'll be 2 years at the end off the year, but I was on the shielding list due to my illness and have been off work since Jan. I had to get emergency surgery at the end off march and ended up staying in hospital nearly 2 months and was touch + go, but I'm here. So I obv had to let my employer know that I would be off. I had an Occy Health call and we decided that I could return to work but on a reduced working week and start gradually working longer hours. I lasted 2 weeks as I was exhausted so had to get signed off again and am waiting to go back into hospital due to my illness. I had another Occy Health call today and she was trying to tell me what was wrong with me, we obv had a disagreement but my employers obv had certain questions to which I answered honestly. I am now starting to think that they wish to 'get rid off me', I could be wrong but that's my feeling. I am covered under the DDA and they have acknowledged this and when I call work to say that I'm off, they keep asking when 'i'm coming back as they are short staffed'.....so my question really is, what can they do in terms off my employment? Any help/advice is much appreciated
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