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  1. Yes I have paid nintendo, and consoles repaired and on way back to me, but on phone last night a colleague verbally heard my complaint from the top and told me to claim a refund through currys on dm on fb as I had to pay for issue which wasn't present yet because nintendo wouldn't release it without carrying out that repair also, which was not yet problem for me... she also kindly actually raised another complaint regarding jhe store manager for internal investigation.. now the contact on the dm has said no to refund as above...
  2. Yes nintendo email reply is above ... and currys contact just said they received a copy of engineers report from the store so I have asked her to forward it to me.
  3. Nintendo said on phone call to me they understand my frustration but they cannot send me a product back fixing 3 faults in warranty and leaving one issue unresolved. I challenged them because the damage they say they found woth the charging pin... was not known to myself. And certainly not causing an issue with us charging the console or ot being powered on. This is when the nintendo colleague verbally told me that " it may not be causing you any known problem yet, but it will do. Damage isn't covered and so it must be paid for. Else the console will be returned to currys in 14days unrepaired.... obviously backed into a corner I've paid for repair to get working console back for son because we need it,
  4. I have not got any documents unfortunately- it was a gift from his grandparents.
  5. http://nintendo-noe.custhelp.com/euf/assets/images/redracetrack.gif Subject Repair payment Response By E-mail (Fabio N.) (04/09/2021 11.14 AM) Dear Lizzie, Thank you for your reply. We are unable to send the original document, but we can provide the breakdown of charges. They are as follows: Fault Details: Does Not Charge Diagnosis: Damaged Usb Type-C Connector - Out Of Warranty Comments: Damaged pins - powers on Fault Details: Does Not Charge Spare Part Costs: £1.40. Itemization: - CONN/USB/C-REC/24P HDH (USB-C Connector) - Quantity: 1 - Handling Costs: £13.94 - Labour costs: £28.31 Diagnosis: Main Board Faulty - In Warranty Fault Details: Stick Problem Diagnosis: Faulty Left Stick - In Warranty Fault Details: Stick Problem Diagnosis: Faulty Right Stick - In Warranty Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a nice day! Kind Regards, Fábio N. Nintendo UK Customer Support Team Customer By Service Email (Lisy Lee) (04/09/2021 10.14 AM) Yes I know that thanks but would please like for my records the sheet with the breakdown of charges etc.. all the details on it. Please and thank you. Get Outlook for Android Repair payment [Incident: 210902-001896] Response By E-mail (Fabio N.) (04/09/2021 09.42 AM) Dear Lizzie, Thank you for your reply. Certainly, the following parts were repaired: Damaged USB Type-C Connector Main Board Faulty Left Stick Faulty Right Stick The above is part of an email I received nintendo this morning who are saying the ooriginal sheet I clicked on is no longer available ...
  6. From my conversation with store manager and nintendo colleague i understand that no one is disputing 3 of the 4 defects being defects with the console and not my sons cause.... but the charging port fault they are adamant that it is not under warranty as it is damage to misuse.... and so I believe that is the charges that I have had to pay coming to 53.00. However, that was not an issue at all for us. The issue with the left joystick was the sole reason because my son could not play his game. His character was walking backwards on its own etc. I am.not sure exactly when it started playing up,because my sons communication to me is not the best and I believed he was just not winning and getting frustrated , didn't realise it was the console not performing correctly. But the purchase with them includes a 2 year gaurentee which is until 4 Dec 2022. And as its been away with them for repair since August this year its not even 10 months old.
  7. Oh no sorry, the console is 179.00 my mum is still paying for it on her store plan.... I have requested the breakdown of repairs again as I cannot find the quote I had .... and my tech knowledge is pretty bad, so I can only give info what I have understood from my conversation with nintendo, again no writing just telephone chat... apologises. Also I screen shot parts of the webchat but can't upload it because they are not accepted file types.
  8. The left joystick and right joystick and the motherboard are the other 3 faults. The store manager told me they were middle man on the telephone... no writing. I clicked for the transcripts of all my Web chats but never received the email of them as requested- but did copy and paste the 5th Web chat into my notes.
  9. So both joysticks and the motherboard issues are covered under warranty, but the fourth issue they are saying is not covered under warranty and that is to do with a pin in the type c charging port... which he said to me may not be a fault now but would definately become one in the future, and they can't return it without fixing all of the issues... which means I need to pay £53
  10. Switch lite purchased start of dec2020. Gifted for Xmas to my son from grandparents who live 260 miles away. Had an issue where 1 joystick was drifting. Returned to my local currys pcworld after the webchat colleague advised I would get console replaced , due to significant inconvenience (son has additional needs) and the fact my mums purchase of said console included a 2 year gaurentee... Store contradicted them and said NO replacement. Offered to repair - up to 28 days wait - but they sent it off. Last Tuesday I was informed I owe 53.00 for repairs to nintendo. Currys were just the "middle man " and couldn't do anything. I called nintendo said they found 4 faults. 3 under warranty but 1 not. The fault not under warranty is apparently a pin damaged in the charging port preventing switching on console.... this was not the case when I gave it in. And is an unknown issue to myself. When I challenged the nintendo colleague he said "well it might not be an issue to you yet but it will be one day" and he explained he wouldn't be able to fix only 3 faults. I have to pay 53.00 for a fault which is not a fault yet, to get console back repaired for 3 actual faults which ARE under warranty on a Console less than 12months old, which currys gaurentee for 2 years. . . . And it hasn't even been paid for fully on my parents plan yet!
  11. I posted this on my page and someone recommended this group for advice, thanks 8n advance for reading.... This is a desperate attempt for any help or advice as how to proceed please.... so those who know us well will know that my son has additional needs and when I need some down time, or when he's becoming dysregulated I use the switch lite his grandparents gave him, he's obsessed with technology and games and he kinda zones out and calms... so when the left joystick control started "drifting" (I've since learnt this is a well known issue with nintendo ) he began having meltdowns as it was not doing what it should.... his character was walking backwards and wouldn't stand still etc.... so I entered onto a web chat with currys and a lovely colleague Bindhu explained as it was purchased Dec 2020, and therefore not 12 months old, the fact it was a gift and I lived in cornwall and my parents up country i didn't have box or receipt was no issue, as conversation progressed Bindhu said due to the significant inconvenience on our lives we could simply return to our Cornwall store and give details, and it would be resolved instantly, replaced... which was such a relief as I was worried about Jack having to wait for repairs etc... upon arrival to the store the desk colleague says no replacement I didn't purchase it my mum did, but they would send it for repair... 28 days... he didn't care about Jack or myself and the impact that would have. I sucked it up, as a single mum at least Jack would get his switch lite back, I just had to somehow manage 4 weeks! Roll on until last Tuesday I had a voicemail from currys telling me my switch was not under warranty and required me to call nintendo quote a repair number and pay 53 quid within 14 days or the console would be returned unrepaired. I can't find any contact number for the store so return to the webchat ... where a Sara very politely apologises and seems to understand my confusion and frustration... she promises me the store manager will call me back and resolve the issue it will be fine. The store manager calls me back and very defensively opens the conversation with her staff have been trying to call me all afternoon! I do apologise currys but I was recovering from a hospital procedure I had myself that morning!!! Not that all this stress and inconvenience is helping me at all like! Anyway after a conversation she basically stands by the fact that they are simply the middle man in the scenario and if I do not call nintendo I won't be getting console back repaired. After my 16 yrs retail experience I explained as customer service lead if someone provided proof of purchase and it was not fit for purpose within 12 months it would be replaced no questions asked. She says oh yes we can do that with kettles etc but we won't do it on consoles! As far as I concerned the product is gaurenteed for 2 years on the sales contract my mum entered into with Currys... like a two way exchange so how they are only the middle man and can't do anything is beyond me.... in my retail experience the electrical returns were all sorted out behind the scenes not the customers issue. We purchased from currys with a 2 year gaurentee and within 8 months it's faulty! And now I have to ring nintendo and I have to pay money. Anyway after being really dissatisfied with store managers response and attitude towards me I waited until 9am the next day to call nintendo - the first guy cuts me off, the second guy says it needs paying for ... on inspection it didn't switch on and they found damage to charging port, not under warranty... they also found the left joystick issue which I sent it for repair because of, which IS under warranty, and on top of that the mother board and the right joystick were also found to be defective and also covered under the warranty! I sent it off for 1 issue to be told there is 4. 3 were unknown to me, and we certainly didn't have issue switching it on or charging, the nintendo man said not now maybe but in the future you would have issue with charging console and they cannot send it back knowing its not 100% OK.... this point I understand however it not my place to find and pay 53 pound for an issue I wasn't having because its not 100% and will become an issue eventually considering they have admitted to 3 other faults being under warranty. . . The stress and pressure when my son is expecting it back soon, and I am undergoing tests- I just needed it sorting... I returned to only way I could contact anyone and had a Web chat with Yashika.... I explained the entire saga, and even felt I should make her aware of my ecg tests so I didn't miss another call because of my health! I explained my consumer rights as I see them, that a product should be of satisfactory quality which it's not, even if you blame my son for the charging port which wasnt a problem for us... the product clearly has faults which are not due to him! Its not 8 months old and guaranteed by currys for 2 years- no durability! It's not free from minor defects as stated above, and can't be fit for purpose if he can't play his games and it's a games console! Let alone the fact the first person said it would be replaced no issue due to the significant inconvenience, and then the opposite being said in store. The 2nd Web person again promising it would resolved and manager would call. Then the poor attitude and manner of the store manager when I was recovering from a hosp procedure. And then after an unsuccessful conversation with nintendo and a fourth Web chat with a currys employee again this time I was assured it would be escalated and "surely replaced or refunded... and the resolutions team would reach out with in 24 to 72 hours" they were disconnected whilst I waiting for the complaint reference number to be generated.... shalender then appeared on the chat, they told me they couldn't help me at all with the issue. When I refuted and explained I been chatting for couple of hours dealing with the issue,and simply needed the reference number of complaint. They said they were denying help.... Then when challenged they said they could read all the chat I had previously and then proceeded to ask me all the questions yet again! After this I was supplied with a complaint reference number. So fast forward a week... accounting for bank holiday weekend the 72hrs for the team to contact me lapsed wednesday! I have heard nothing! Yesterday I have again returned to the webchat where Abhijeet has told me I can't be helped as won't pass security checks? Then told even if he found complaint he wouldn't deal with it... then said they were no complaints department then gave me reluctantly an address to complain to... when I asked about details of the ombudsman for currys I was told they don't have access to details to pass on to me... or a contact number. Then said the complaints team will call me... I explained they were meant to call by wednesday and hadn't so can I have the name of complaints manager and number and was told no there is not one. ... The problem I have is nintendo are currently holding the console until 7th September at which point they are sending it back to store unrepaired unless the money is paid. By the time i post a letter and it gets read were going past the time and the distress and inconvenience for myself and my child is already ridiculously massive! I don't feel comfortable going into the truro store after how the manager was on the phone with me,and also embaressed that I even have to discuss my health with anyone it should not be relevant. I just want my son to have his switch replaced for one that is fit for purpose and to not have his grandparents swizzed still paying for a console which currently we don't even have and they want 53 pounds from me to fix.... Help! I never in my life have experienced such incompetence and won't ever use them again for anything, but that does not help me now.... so just wondering if anyone out there has had issues with currys before and how they resolved it.... and also feel its my public duty to warn people to stay away, because the stress and hassle is not worth it.
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