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  1. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. I took out a membership for my local bannatynes gym for the summer holidays as I was working a summer job. I’d accidentally taken out a 12 month contract rather than paying monthly (my mistake). I am now moving to Glasgow for university and will be a full time student with no income. As per Bannatynes terms and conditions you are able to leave the contract if your financial situation changes. It also says if you are relocating and there is not a practical gym nearby that this would also be reason to leave your contract. However they failed to mention that if there is a gym 10 miles within your relocation that this does not count (received this info in a reply does not state in T&Cs) despite the closest gym being a 2 hour walk from my university!!!! Can someone please let me know if I have a leg to stand on with this one as I will physically be unable to afford the membership as a student and am also not willing to walk 2 hours to use it. Thanks so much
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