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  1. Cumbria X Press couriers delivered a pallet to my home address. The driver phoned me (I wasn't at home) to ask where to put the pallet. I told him That I would there in 5 minutes, and to drop it IN FRONT of my caravan on the drive. When I got home 5 mins later, he had delivered the pallet and left the scene. Instead of leaving the pallet where I told him, he had dragged the pallet (It was not heavy) PAST my caravan, through a gap that was not wide enough, and pulled the awning strip off the rear of the caravan. I phoned the courier straight away, and informed the owner of the damage, he said he would investigate, and get back to me. I heard nothing for 2 weeks, so I emailed him, asking for his response. Another 2 weeks, no communication from the courier, so I emailed again, asking for a response. another 2 weeks, and still no communication, I've sent an email giving him until the end of the week, then I will contact the police. Another 2 weeks, and still no answerphone messages, no phone calls, no letter, and no email from the courier. What legal action can I take to sort this out, and get my caravan fixed? Thank you
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