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  1. Hi Everyone Thanks for all the replies. I thought I'd update this for anyone finding the thread in the future. In my case the CCJ and CO turned out to be genuine. As such I have paid the debt. It's amazing to me that I was able to go for over 3 years with absolutely no knowledge of a CCJ having been awarded against me. I was only able to verify any of the information in the letters I had received by questioning the court directly. The email addresses for the courts are available on the uk.gov website. They replied promptly and were helpful. Hope this helps someone.
  2. Hi dx100uk Thanks for the reply. No they haven't stated a CCJ number, but there is a charge order number on the latest letter. Is there any way I can contact the court to verify if the charge order number on the docs they sent is valid? Or is it worth sending DF a letter claiming no knowledge of the debt, asking for proof of CCJ and proof that the debt isn't statute barred? Thanks again.
  3. Hi All Over the last 6 months or so I've received several letters from Drydensfairfax. The initial letters claimed they were in possession of a CCJ awarded in mid 2019 and chasing payment for a "mortgage style" student loan from the early 90s. I was unaware of any CCJs issued against me and checking the usual CRAs revealed nothing. Satisfied it was all BS I ignored it. I recently received a letter from Drydens supposedly containing copies of an "interim charging order" awarded against my home. Concerned by this I ran a searches of the CCJ register on the official site against my last 2 addresses, which cover my residences for the last 7 years. No CCJ's were shown. I also obtained a copy of the title for my property from the Land Registry, which at the time of writing shows only my mortgage company having a charging order registered. I'm a bit confused as to what's going on here. I'm happy to pay the money if it is actually owed, and not statute barred, but I'm unable to verify any of Drydens information, or even match any of their account numbers against the records I have from the time. Any advices on what I should do next? Thanks
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