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  1. Went back to the store I returned the first laptop and they took one look at the laptop and offered replacement or refund. I chose to pay a bit more to have a better spec machine and it's due for delivery tomorrow evening. Thanks for your help!
  2. I will let you know after I visit the store this afternoon. CS acknowledged on the phone that I am within my right to request an exchange and that the store was in the wrong but she said she has no power to overturn their decision. Guess it depends on the employee/individual store.
  3. Thanks BankFodder, I just want a working laptop that isn't faulty - having two faulty Acer ones has put me off this brand so want to go for a more expensive make/model in the hope of it being fault free. Also to add that the woman was ready to do the exchange until the guy came over and stopped her!. I could understand if I've had the laptop for 4+ months and it develops a fault but not having it for a 24 hours and requesting an exchange - i didn't think there would be any issue. Also while in the store the woman took it out the back and set the laptop up (i didn't set it up as I knew it was faulty) when I told the woman on the phone about that she wasn't too sure about it like maybe they shouldn't have done that.
  4. Good morning all, Just wanted to have a little rant really! I bought a £720 gaming laptop from Argos on Saturday, excitedly opened it up when I got home to find that there was a line down the screen. I took ti back to Kilburn Argos on Sunday as they where the only store who had the same laptop in stock, they looked at the laptop and replaced it on the spot. I happily walked out and when I got home turned on the new laptop to find that there are 2 dead pixels on the screen near the middle. One of them changes color (so if blue is on the screen it will shine bright pink!) . I went to Old Street Argos this morning as they had a more expensive laptop in stock that I would prefer (different manufacturer). The young lady on the till looked at the laptop and agree'd she could see the fault. She asked her colleague to take a look as he said he couldn't see the fault and that they would have to send it off to Acer!. After one day!. I called their customer service who said that what they said was wrong, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 I have 30 days to reject the item if it is faulty and ask for a full refund. She told me to go to another store and they should exchange/refund. I'm nervous about going to another store and they say the same thing. Any advice on what I should say? I understand some of the Consumer Rights Act but not all!. It's not right that a day old laptop has to be sent to the manufacturer when I bought it from Argos who are clearly fobbing me off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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