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  1. also forgot to mention that one of previous MOT's from 22/04/2020 has advisory about intercooler pipe leaking oil, that could possibly mean they havent checked anything in that car before sale and MOT they provided is fake
  2. Brick Kiln Street, Brierley Hill, DY5 1JG Sam Car Sales Ltd – Brierley Hill Car Sales SAMCARSALES.CO.UK Sam Car Sales Ltd – Brierley Hill Car Sales SAMCARSALES.CO.UK
  3. 04/05/21 i purchased used car Citroen ds4 from sam car sales year 2012 for 3295£, when buying car it was checked in my local garage no faults were detected,few months later when i did full servicing in garage on 27/06/21 i was pointed to few electrical faults related to speaker and rain sensor that i decided to get fixed myself without involving warranty or seller, around 28th 29th July problems started to appear one after another, clicking cracking noise appeared from front right wheel, and i started noticing oil drops on front grill , upon taking car to garage on 01/08/21 and doing full check a list of problems were pointed out, on 02/08/21 i contacted warranty first that was provided by seller and as later turned out they cover only repair of one fault that was related to cracking noise and is shock absorber , other faults include badly leaking intercooler , worn both front top mounts , cooling fan malfunction on speed one, dpf fault code " needs replacing ", upon purchase clock was showing 107244 miles, when reported to warranty and dealer it was 108506, in total car has driven 1262 miles and less than 3 months from date of purchase and is not drivable at the moment , dealer refused to do repairs, in our email conversation with dealer tried to void consumers act multiple times by quoting altered to his needs quotes from CA 2015 ,said that they provided me with "warranty first" (btw terrible , high minded and rude company) cover and thats it i am not entitled to anything else and i should be happy with at least that, called quote for repairs from my garage invalid just because person who runs garage is from same country i am and accused me of trying to extort money from them, my garage gave me some tips about faults and how they could possibly was hidden at point of sale top mounts were just worn to limit and as sam car sales claims they performed 99 point check and did MOT they should seen it , was not possible to spot by checking car at point of sale on ramp, only with prolonged drive test same thing with shock absorber intercooler was cleaned of any oil residue before sale dpf according to manufacturers manual it has to be checked after 100k either they didnt check it or ignored that it has to be replaced as there was not fault code atm cooling fan fault was erased before sale and came out during hot weather rear speaker and rain sensor faults also were erased and came out during use what comes to MOT certificate after them accusing me in making fraudulent invoices i have found one interesting point on MOT certificate, sam car sales is run by Polish guy ,seb car care (mot issuer) is also run by Polish guy an is located about 2-3 miles from each other, after searching for MOT test centres around sam car sales i have found that there are 4 test centres located within 200 metres from them and around 8 in total within 1/2 mile atm small claims is submited against them and they declined it so i went for mediation , question is what chances do i have and can i also report them to trading standards and what fines could they be facing for violating CA 2015?
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