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  1. Security called police 101, they said we can get him but police did not turned up until sore closed and 20:15 security called again to 101 and said I m releasing him as store closed now. but security said you can get away for today incident but I have to prove what you did in store from last one year and he prepare cds, put in two envelope for police and TK Maxx. I don’t have any crime in my recode. Really I very sacred about my job and family
  2. I was in TK Maxx last Week, I tried few jackets and suddenly i heard sound of alarm of car so clink in my mind that it’s my car and I was just get out from TK Maxx to check my car as I park my car near the entrance but few people around there so I can’t see my car and I have to get out little more 3 meter away from TX Maxx entrance and suddenly Security follow me and said you have not paid for this jacket. ( approx £24.99 ) I said yes I just came out to check my car. then after he took me to his office at 18:00 and ask for my ID, I present my driving licence then he call 101 for police. Police give him CAD number and said we will be there in 45 minutes. Police did not turned up until 20:15 Security hold me there until 20:25 then he said I am releasing you and TK Maxx will send you a latter at your door in next 7 days. In this timeframe he told me that you did big crime by changing tags of goods and return and gain profit in last one year time. Which I have to prove. Security said you can get away with current case but you will get big punishment for what you did in store in last one year. I have all CCTV footage and will find more and more. I did return because of change of mind, size problem. Fitting rooms were not available due to COVID. There is so many problems when purchase goods from TK MAXX, most of cloths has problem with size and items not functioning properly. Are they bring all items from OUTLETS old fashion clearance stock ??????? I purchase and visiting same store from last 5-6 years, I purchased a lot means a lot in store and online. I purchased in these years over £10,000/- I have all emails of online orders and as a member so many store receipt on Treasure account. So they can identify home much money I spend in their store and online. I never had any crime register on my name. This is first time happens it’s completely wrong, I understand only mistake I did I get out with jacket to check my car. Pl. advice me what happen in my case.
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