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  1. Ok thank you. I am going to get it sent back via a courier ASAP. I will be back once it has been received by them. Thank you again.
  2. I am going back and forth with emails at present. Someone called Raz has now emailed saying because I stated the item was not the correct one in the original message it is my responsibility to send it back. Does anyone have a template I can use to send an email back to this? I have read up on the distance selling regs and I do not have to give a reason for cancelling, I initially told them I required an orthopaedic bed as per my gp because I read up on some reviews and a customer was able to get her money back by doing this. Its so frustrating. TIA everyone. Ps. What difference does it make by paying on a credit card? As we paid wowcher, surely they won't see it as their problem and the credit card won't make a difference? I'm sorry, I'm not very well informed on these things.
  3. Thank you both for your replies. So my partner bought it with her credit card via wowcher. We have asked wowcher to help with the matter but I don't think the problem lies with them. We have also explained about quality of item to them. I have emailed the company back. I will let you know what they say. This company operates under a number of different names. Another thing which really did not impress me was you can not reach them via phone, it cuts off whenever you choose an option they give. So frustrating..
  4. I am wondering if anyone can help and advise me what to do. I ordered a bed using wowcher from a company called Komfet. When the bed has been delivered, the quality is awful. This is a bed that was marked down from around £900 to £240. We paid £30 for delivery, so in total £270. KOMFET WWW.KOMFET.COM bed manufacture When it has arrived, I have emailed the company to get a refund and they have said I need organise a courier to take the item back which is roughly 1.5 hours drive from my address and then they will issue a refund. Where do I stand? I don't have a clue where 6o start to get it back. I'm at a loss and really stressed with this king size bed and mattress currently taking up my entire living room. Thank you in advance for your help P.s I have looked into hiring a van to take it back myself but this is looking around £100. Which means I would lose out on £100 of my refund essentially and then getting somebody to help me etc.
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