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  1. Hi all, first time poster so please be gentle... I'm hoping any advice supplied will be straight forward so here goes... At a roundabout I was 2nd in queue, turning left. Foot on brake whilst looking to my right, I could see the coast was clear, looked in front of me and the lead car moved forward to go and suddenly stopped (roundabout was still clear to go) and I rear ended him. Simply question, am I at fault or him? He blamed another car coming from the right that shot out of nowhere, hence why he braked suddenly (I certainly didn't see this car). We happen to be with the same insurance company, we exchanged details and he's going to price up the bits for his car and mine too as he works for a scrappers. I've a feeling he'll want me to pay for these parts but really don't think I'm the one at fault even though I rear ended him. There was absolutely no reason for him to start to leave the roundabout then suddenly stop.. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm leaning to calling my insurance company and going down that route... Many thanks, Keith.
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