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  1. DPD have requested for an extension hence the new date is now 1st of November at 4pm
  2. Yes, the money i am claiming is the value I declared at the time of buying postage. I'm pretty sure that box asking me to briefly describe what happened is where the POC was supposed to go and I entered it there Its all been submitted now, they have until 4pm on 18 October 2021 to reply, unless they request an extra 14 days. The waiting game begins Appreciate the help BF, will update the thread when / if anything is updated. Will be on the lookout on gov website if they don't respond to claim for judgement as soon as I can closer to the deadline.
  3. I have just spent last few hours registering and signing up and filling in all the details. Below is a POC I have drafted. (Sorry for being stupid but this POC is supposed to go where it says " Claim details Why you believe you’re owed the money: " right? Reason why I'm asking is because I don't see anywhere it specifically says what are your particulars of claim) Tomorrow being the 15th day, I will be ready to click it off (assuming the POC is ok) I have read a few more hermes/packlink etc stories where they were resolved and gives me hope I will regain my lost money. Will carry on reading up as much as I can.
  4. I sent the above letter of claims to DPD head office just under 2 weeks ago The coming Tuesday (28/09/20201) will be the 14th day since it was delivered to them I haven't received anything back from them, nor do i expect them to reply. I think next is get a particulars of claim ready so I can submit a claim online for county court action?
  5. Date XX September 2021 Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Item lost in network – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – Value £530 Reference: XXXXXXXXXX Parcel ID: XXXXXXXXX The subject item was posted on 09/08/2021 using DPD and subsequently lost in your network. A dispute of delivery was submitted on 10/08/2021 including proof of value via DPD Local Online. On 20/08/2021 I received a response from DPD Local Online stating that they will only refund me £50, and was revised to £150 on 27/08/2021. This offer is unacceptable. I am sure you are aware of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, the effect of this Act is to give a third-party beneficiary to a contract all rights that they might have had if they were directly a contracting party. The insurance that DPD Local Online offer is unfair as it expects a consumer to protect against a company’s negligence and failure to deliver their own parcel and therefore unenforceable under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Please make arrangements for payment of the full value of the lost item. If a satisfactory response is not received within 14 days of the date of this letter, proceedings through the county court will be issued without further notice. Yours Faithfully. XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX As you've advised to go for DPD, I've drafted this letter to apply to them. Not sure if there's enough in the draft to point towards their negligence regarding my item.
  6. Hi, So I've been in contact with DPD UK Ltd directly and Dpd Local online (Parcel2Go) regarding my parcel which was "Lost". It's a long story so I will keep it short and any details I may have shortened I can expand on later in the thread 8th of August I sold a PlayStation 5 on ebay for £530 I purchased the label from DPD Local Online (at the time thinking I was buying directly from DPD but turns out its actually run by Parcel2go and they have the account with DPD) I posted the item on the 9th 10th of August at 1:30pm it was marked as delivered, but with no picture as proof of delivery as is normal practice for DPD 5:30pm buyer contacts me on ebay saying that basically the driver left the parcel in a "safe place" I.e his front door step and he lives on a main street where many people walk by. By the time he's got home from work obviously it wasn't there anymore. He's contacted DPD and they've admitted driver done wrong by leaving it there without permission and didn't follow procedure. Driver even turns up at his house and says he left it here (pointing at front door step). They've told buyer to contact me to open a case I give DPD a few calls (recorded the calls) They admit they've made mistakes and direct me to dpd local online to open a dispute. I open a dispute on 11th of August on thier website, they approve my claim on 20th August but only offer £50 as I didn't take out "parcel protection" I reject the offer 3 times over next few days and then decide to email the ceo and manager of customer experience at DPD UK Ltd to tell them of my experience and I want my full refund, To which they give thier "apologies" but as parcel2go is the account holder I have to speak to them directly, but emphasis because of the nature of the case they will speak to parcel2go. Next day a rep at parcel2go emails saying they should only be giving £50 but as a good will gesture" will now offer £150 I've told them ofcourse I don't want that but rather the full value. I've only in the past 1 week come across this forum and read people's stories and the procedures of sending letter of action and then taking the company to county court and what the steps to that are. (Although I gotta admit I'm still abit confused) Just wanted advice and help, Apologies for longing it out, tried to keep it short but didn't want to miss details. Thanks
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