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  1. Thanks for that dx100uk pretty much as I thought . I dont usually call DCAs but this 18 year old ( had to be ) really got my back up.
  2. Hello, First of all I have had to open a new account as I couldn't find the login details for my old user name @Everett In September 2016 I sent off a total of nine CCA requests to my creditors, to date only three have been able to supply the requested material. Another two have said they could not supply the requested documents. One, then Robinson Way , immediately wrote back to say that due to the age of debt they could not supply the requested CCA but sent a photo copy of all payments up to then made through my DMP company ( now step change ) and that I should continue to make regular payments, I of course ignored this ( I had ditched step change anyhow). Since this date, they have written to me no fewer than 27 times and now changed the debt to Hoist and have threatened ( by letter ) for one of their field agents to call at my home, this was carried out yesterday with the wet behind the ears agent then continuing to stand half way up my neighbours drive filling in his bits which I wouldn't allow him to post . He also said he didn't need to know what a CCA was when asked ? And said that on this occasion he didn't have a warrant lol! God are these people real ? However what I want to know is, can I consider this as harassment and the field agent calling as aggravated harassment by Hoist ? I called them yesterday and they have logged a complaint, in just over 12 months the debt for £450 will become statued barred, have I messed this up by contacting them ? And most of all should they be chasing this debt despite me having it in writing that they cant supply the CCA ? Many thanks Everett
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