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  1. I paid £10,195 for the motorhome £144.00 recovery cost when it broke down £120 service for oil, oil filter and water £135.75 insurance cancellation fee £50.00 for materials to fix leak in roof
  2. I will, I've just sent him the consumer act 2015 and headed it "for your information" and also told him I'd rather speak directly with him than through anybody else. But I will send this too x thankyou
  3. This post is what I emailed to the owner. Do I need to be more specific? His response came through a phonecard through one of his employees, Shaun, who basically runs the yard for him, it was him that said the owner had said its a court job". It's A1 caravans in South milford, Leeds. The owner is Dave Fox. A1 Caravan – Caravan and Motorhome Sales A1CARAVAN.COM I paid £500 deposit cash £8,000 in bank transfer and the rest cash. Phonecall not phonecard Thankyou, I just copied and pasted. X
  4. Hi this is bit long but I've copied and pasted an email I sent to the owner of where I purchased my motorhome. I'm looking for a advice as to what do next, his response came third hand with "it's a court job". I purchased the Fiat Ducato Motorhome registration number xxx on the 3rd August 2021 for £10,195. Before I purchased it, I was told that the motorhome had undergone an engine refurbishment, and because of this I would have to drive it steady for the first 500 miles to ease it in, I was also told that it had a leak at the back and that it was all fixed now. I was told the motorhome was good to go. When the motorhome was at home parked up, it rained heavily and the water poured through the ceiling wetting all the cushions and wooden seating bay. The roof has lowered considerably and water is held in the plastic light as well as the ceiling I dried all this out and rang shaun. He came down twice to the motorhome, after I had purchased everything he needed to repair it, and admitted that the work had not been carried out at all. New sealant was put on the roof and for this I was grateful but disappointed that I had originally been told it was all fixed. I took the motorhome to my garage to have a service, new filters, oil and water. I was advised by a motorhome group on facebook to have the timing belt checked and replaced for my own piece of mind so I booked it into the garage. Shaun said it wouldn't need this as it would have had a new one put in with the refurbishment. I decided to have it checked anyway and on Thursday 19th August 2021 I took it from my home to the garage, but I didn't make it there, 2 miles from the garage the engine began to make a very loud scary noise and I managed to get her to the side of the road, we vacated the van and I saw alot of orange fluid on the road. The engine was dead now, so we walked the rest of the way. I had to get a recovery van later that day at the cost of £144.00 to get it to the garage. The garage has since looked at it and diagnosed that it is a fault with the internal engine, meaning it would have to be pulled out and taken apart to see what the issue is. No other work has been carried out by the garage since. I rang Shaun again to inform him of the diagnosis on Monday morning, he said he would speak to you. However during the conversation that evening when I rang back, he said that the engine had not been refurbished but it had been checked, and these things happen, not what I was originally led to believe. So, I purchased the motorhome having been informed that the engine had been refurbished and paperwork for this was in the office somewhere and that the leak was fixed, when in fact none of this had actually been done at all. Shaun has suggested that it goes to a garage to be investigated. At present it is sat outside the garage in East End park, unable to be driven. his means it will need to be transported at a cost. If I have to arrange this, It will be transported back to A1 Caravans. This needs to be arranged very soon, in the next day or so. so I would appreciate a response as soon as possible. I purchased the motorhome on 3rd August 2021 I have driven twice to the garage in East End Park On the 17th August 2021 I broke down on the way to the garage, 17 days after purchase I have driven a total of 61 miles since purchase I have receipts for all purchases made, including repair work to leak and the service Under the new Consumer law 2015, if I have a complaint within 30 days, I have an automatic right to reject the motorhome, this means the trader must give full refund. 30 days from purchase will be 1st September 2021. I am hoping this matter can be resolved and arrangements made quickly, otherwise I will have no other option than to take the legal route before the 1st September 2021 Can you please contact me on xxx in the next 24 hours as I will be making arrangements to return the motorhome back to a1 caravans. Any advice would gratefully be recieved. Xx
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