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  1. Fortunately not as I shared my partner's vehicle.
  2. Following on from the issues I have had I am relieved to now confirm that there has been a successful outcome; the car has been repaired and back in my possession. I know the process has been a long one but, Blue Motor Finance, finally agreed to foot the bill for the repairs that were needed. The process was lengthy due to them having to give Noel Quail and Mytchett First Cars time to respond to their enquiries, and, as expected he did not respond so the finance company had no option but to agree to the repairs. The car was in the garage for a total of 3 months awaiting the outcome but now is sitting outside my home and I am feeling well and truly relieved.
  3. To confirm I have contacted the finance company advising them that I am aware of my rights and that I will have no hesitation in taking my case to the ombudsman if necessary. I made it clear that I am no willing to wait the time that they suggest. I will continue to keep you updated.
  4. Update: Letter received from the finance company on Saturday 4th September confirming they are dealing with the complaint and advising that they will investigating the complaint and if this takes longer than 4 weeks then they will write to me again with an update on progress. I will, however, still be contacting them on a weekly basis to ensure they are aware I am not letting the matter go.
  5. Apologies for the delays in responses. Today, I received an email from the complaints department at the finance company asking for evidence of repairs and invoices etc. and I have supplied these. The car is not being driven as it is undriveable, it is still at the garage where the diagnostic testing was carried out on 4th August. Points dealt with: service, brakes, oil leak, cam gasket cover, suspension telemetry Points awaiting repair: oil inter-cooler, turbo charge, handbrake. Many thanks for your help.
  6. Also, looking at my relevant paperwork with the finance company it states Hire Purchase Agreement.
  7. The finance agreement began on 29th March 2021 with me collecting the car on 10th April. The cost of the car was £6495 with a mileage of 116410. First issue was on 14th April when a light came on for a B service being required (despite having a receipt to state a service had been completed at the aforementioned mileage). I took the car for a service which I paid for a major service for my own peace of mind; it was at this point that other faults were discovered including brake discs and pads required due to being close to the limit, gear box service and mount required, handbrake not working and suspension and telemetry issues. It was at this point Noel gave £250 towards the cost of some repairs. In May it was discovered that there was an oil leak and a cam cover gasket was required as it had deteriorated so much a leak had been caused. This was at a cost of £500+. This was the time when the warranty company gave a goodwill gesture payment of £500 as they said the parts were not covered by the warranty; this was done following Noel making contact with someone at the warranty company. On 2nd August the engine management light came on so I took the car to my garage where they ran diagnostic tests showing the need for a turbo charger and gear box oil inter cooler with a quoted cost of £2500 incl. VAT. I contacted Noel who advised I contact warranty wise which I did. They sent an inspector to inspect the car at the garage (where it has been since 4th August and still is); today I received their letter stating the claim is declined as the inter-cooler is not covered and the turbo charger is due to wear and tear which is not covered on a car over 100,000 miles (which mine was at the point of sale anyway). I have contacted Blue Motor Finance and spoke to a man named Haj who has taken all the details whilst completing a complaints form which he will forward to their complaints department, where I will be assigned a case worker.
  8. The address was 102 Mytchett Rd, Mytchett, Camberley GU16 6ET. I am in the process of gathering all other information you have requested and will post as soon as I have collated it.
  9. I purchased a car from Mytchett First Cars (salesman specifically an Irish man named Noel) and have been severely 'stitched up'; I feel this even more since finding this group and reading the history of this man and the company with its previous names too. 10th April 2021 I collected a Mercedes E class 2012 from the company and paid using a finance plan with Blue Motor Finance and I had a 6 month warranty with warranty wise so felt satisfied that all should be ok - except it wasn't. Within 10 minutes of driving the car away I found an issue with the handbrake not working so drove back to the garage to have Noel tell me this was a common problem but was not a severe issue; it was just a bit sticky. Since then I have spent £2000+ on repairs required to make it roadworthy that were not covered by the warranty apparently. Noel managed to get me a 'goodwill' payment of £500 from the warranty company. However, 2 weeks ago the engine management light came on, I took it to my mechanic who diagnosed faults including turbo charger and gearbox oil inter cooler totaling a cost of another £2500. I contacted Noel who advised to contact Warranty Wise, which I did, who have now informed me the turbo charger is not covered as the vehicle has done over 100,000 miles, which it had done when I purchased it. Since owning it I have driven less than 1000 miles in it as it has spent more days in for repair. I can see that much has been discussed about this man and his dealings - any advice on action to take would be gratefully received as I am unable to afford the repairs and am paying finance on a vehicle that is not currently roadworthy.
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