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  1. No powers DCA? So i just agree repayment plan with them once sold on by Very
  2. Hi I have had the account for around 10 years, at the time my credit rating was fine. It's only the past 15 months that i have used £5000 on this account. I have never missed a payment but the amount they are going to ask for will be to much.
  3. Hi, i am new here so just looking for a bit of advice. I owe very.co.uk nearly £7,000, i was silly last year as in a bad situation and bought phones on buy now pay a year later and then sold them to keep myself and family going, all the interest has now piled up and the monthly payment will be around £450 once all the interest is applied. I have reached out to Very saying i am going to struggle to pay, after working everything out i have told them i can pay £50 a month, not suprised but they have not accepted this. What should i do now? just pay what i can and wait to they default me? Really don't want the interest to pile up to much. They just keep saying talk to Stepchange, is there anything they can do that i can't as i have heard mixed reviews on Stepchange. Thankyou in advance.
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