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  1. Thanks. Thought as much. Will post back when/if these arrive. I'm currently opening all post addressed to her, so nothing is going to get missed short of misdelivery. I assume it will not be a significant problem for me to deal with this on her behalf?
  2. Two invoices received (I'll refer to these as A and B consistently). Driver pulled off the road to make a phonecall in both cases, for around 40 minutes in each case. 1 Date of the infringement a) 15/6/21, b) 17/6/21 2 Date on the NTK a) 22/6/21, b) 22/6/21 3 Date received End of July for both. Post here very occasionally ends up at a neighbouring house due to postie mixup (very similar house names). Other house is a second-home and not frequently occupied, so post can take any amount of time to get to me when this occurs. I assume this was the basis of the delivery delay. 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? After a (very dark) fashion. 6 Have you appealed? No. Timed out in any case by the time I'd received the initial paperwork. 7 Who is the parking company? UKPC 8. Where exactly Pentewan Retail Park, St Austell Does it say which appeals body they operate under. BPA Other correspondence: Received a reminder letter dated 22/7 for both, a couple of days before I was handed the initial letters by neighbour. Then subsequently received initial goon letters, which I was planning to ignore for now : a) from DCBL (dated 6/8/21), of "Cant pay? We'll take it away" TV fame, they say (do i get to be on TV?) b) from DebtRecovery+ (dated 6/8/21), from lovely photogenic Abigail ... This used to be a free, unmonitored carpark, but with gates that were closed overnight. This seems to have changed subsequent to 2018 (this was home turf back then). Now managed by UKPC. They no longer close the gates at night. They have removed the sign at the entrance stating opening hours (as visible on google SV from 2018). They instead have a big sign up stating 3 hours parking, but there is a restriction in the smallprint on a separate sign that says no parking 9pm-7am. There is limited lighting in the carpark and, as you'll note from the ANPR pics, the (light) car is invisible bar the numberplate. A couple of potential complications: 1) The keeper was the driver. I am neither (happen to own the car, but that isnt relevant to anything, I think). 2) The keeper is a good friend, with whom I used to share residence (and still do for the purposes of DVLA and all correspondence). She is currently of no fixed address, though (travelling around on contract work for a few more months, before returning here). She is not in a position to defend this herself. I'll do it on her behalf if I possibly can. 3) Infringement in Cornwall. Resident 700m away in Scotland. Given the actions with signage, this seems to be run as a honeypot, especially given the travelodge with the tiny carpark opposite. I expect it is very lucrative for them. Suggestions as to course of action would be gratefully received, as I don't suppose this is going to simply go away ... Letters + pix.pdf
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